German Autobahn ‘No Speed Limit’ signs from Roundabout Signs

The Manual recently moved into some new offices. And as you might imagine, they are quite manly and stylish. They lacked, though, a certain automotive touch.

As the automotive editor for the site, I was keen to make my mark on the new space. Accordingly, I began digging through the Internet’s series of tubes for the perfect, car-related office accessory.

At first, I was looking at vintage automotive ads. Specifically, ads for old muscle cars caught my eye. But something about displaying a campaign for a Camaro didn’t feel quite right.

Eventually, though, I realized that, while cool, vintage didn’t quite reflect the caliber of cars we review for the site. Accordingly, I’d need to skew new and – ideally – performance oriented.

This took me to speed limit signs. 45 mph, 55 mph, 75 mph: These were fine but a bit pedestrian. I needed something a bit more extreme.

Finally my search brought me to Roundabout Signs specializing in No Speed Limit and Autobahn signs from Germany. Immediately, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I think Benjamin Kwitek, founder of Roundabout Signs, captured my sentiment for the sign best: “Just thinking about the No Speed Limit sections gets my heart pumping. It’s liberating to push exceptional automobiles to the speeds they have been tested against.”

Apparently, Kwitek and I aren’t the only ones who think these No Speed Limit signs are worthy of display. Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, Jimmie Johnson, Keith Urban, and Mark Zuckerberg – amongst others – have apparently bought some, too.

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