Take Your Basecamp To The Next level With Kammok’s New Sunda

Kammok Sunda
Whether it’s a new stove for backpacking, the latest hydrophobic down, or a simple pair of hiking socks, outdoors gear can get ridiculously specific for users. However, if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for that next piece of gear that will serve a true multipurpose powerhouse. Shaving weight off your load, doubling (or even tripling) uses, and looking good while doing it is an art. Kammok‘s new Sunda is the multitool sleep system we’ve been dreaming of.


Part tent and part hammock, the Sunda is designed to take on camping in any terrain. Kammok drew from their experience building the award winning Roo Hammock to design a true multipurpose ground shelter. It can be set up as a traditional tent and at more than eight feet long, it easily sleeps two people and fits extra gear. With dual pass-through doors and vestibules, you’ve got thirty five square feet of inside living space and another thirteen in the vestibules (perfect for wet packs and smelly dogs). The main body can be left out for an ultralight build of just the fly and footprint, making a perfect shelter for days at the beach, or for serious thru-hikers looking to shave weight.


Kammok’s roots in clean design and versatility really shine when you set the Sunda up as a hammock – it is named for the Sunda Flying Lemur after all. Going minimal, it works as simple hammock that will be at home on the back porch or strung up at your favorite fly fishing spot. When assembled with the tent body and fly, you’ve got a a complete suspended living pod that can take on the worst weather and harshest terrain. If ever there was a tent that could completely redefine how we camp, this is it.

The Sunda is available on Kickstarter as a preorder for $299 right now. At retail when it hits the market in early 2017, it will go for $399. To be honest, either price is a steal, as you’ll be getting the tent body, footprint, rainfly, and strap system all included in one package. Let’s see your aging car-camping tent compete with that.

Sunda Night

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