Give’r: The Best Damn Gloves Ever

The hunt for a pair of decent spring skiing gloves is never ending. You may think that this is a trivial problem. However, for those of us whose biggest goal is to crush as many cheap beers on the ski lift before our favorite resorts close, it is serious business. Spring conditions vary from hardpack ice, to corn snow, to hot slushy days (our favorite, because we can ski in boardshorts and bikinis rather than traditional ski gear). Jackson Hole based Give’r may have solved this terrible problem for skiers everywhere with their latest project, the 4-Season Glove ($59+ on Kickstarter).

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Give’r got their start in 2011 when co-founder, Bubba Albrecht, and his friends took a kayaking trip in Ontario. They had custom hats with the Teton skyline – their home range in Jackson, Wyoming – stitched on them. The “Give’r” motto, meaning “give it your all”, was a natural inclusion. Upon returning home, Bubba and his friends turned their Give’r motto into their own brand, making a few t-shirts and stickers. When Bubba built himself a custom pair of leather work gloves though, Give’r popularity took off.

You can still buy the Classic Give’r Gloves ($40). If you’re looking for a little more technology though, the new 4-Season Gloves feature the same soft cow hide, but with a few additions that will have every ski bum reaching for a pair. The palms and thumbs are reinforced for extra durability – essential for pulling a pot of hot coffee out of the fire, or grabbing your ski edges while you pull that perfect corked-360 in the terrain park. Insulation is a thin layer of Thinsulate. This ensures you won’t sacrifice any dexterity, so you can still crack open that PBR tall boy you hid in your ski jacket. We especially like the dual elastic cuff and leather skirt – even when the slushy snow or spring powder is flying, our hands have stayed dry. An optional beeswax coating (an extra $10) is a must; it will both soften the feel of the leather and protect it from water and abrasion.

Give’r 4-Season Gloves are on Kickstarter now. We highly recommend checking them out (Bubba’s video is one of the best we’ve seen from a Kickstarter campaign this year). If you’re in the market for that perfect spring skiing glove like we are, or something a little more mountain work focused, these are the gloves for you.

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