Forget Gucci. This Bugatti belt buckle costs $84,000

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This is a belt buckle that costs $84,000.

Now that you’re done shouting at your laptop, let’s dig into this thing: a belt buckle literally worth more than its weight in gold.

Designed by Roland Iten, in collaboration with Bugatti, this belt buckle comes in three sizes: 87.29, 99.45 or 108.98 cm and can be customized to any size within a 22 mm range.

Aside from looking pretty and having Bugatti associated with it, what makes this thing special? The Roland Iten press release puts it best: “Comprised of precisely 100 components in solid white and rose gold, lightweight titanium and stainless steel, each piece of this limited edition series of 22, has been entirely handcrafted, polished and assembled by master craftsmen in hi-precision watch-making in Geneva, Switzerland and supervised throughout the production process by Roland Iten himself.”

It’s not just pretty (let’s say), its mechanism is also distinctive. It features something called a – and I kid you not – the “click-free click”, which allows the wearer to dial in the exact, perfect snugness without having to suffer the auditory torture that is tiny clicks. What a time to be alive!

Just in case you’re dorky – or bored – enough to want to know how the click-free click works; again, here is Roland Iten press release: “There are five gears in total that allow the fine-tuning calibration of the belt from 0-22 mm. A rolling click calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip all demonstrate the incredible mechanical savoir-faire that is hiding under the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes de Genève decoration.”

So for the man who thought he had everything, here’s one more thing you can buy to shame your friends at the Illuminati club … or wherever you scoundrels hang out.

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