Sunny Days Are Ahead: Shop the Best Sunglasses for Men

The great thing about the sunglasses market is that there’s always something for everyone in matters of price, style, and functionality. 

The Best Sunglasses for Men to Shop Now

Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses
best sunglasses for men sunski dispeas polarized

When shopping around for a pair of the best sunglasses, that tricky combination of affordability and style should be top of mind. Sunski delivers on both fronts with the unique Dipseas Sunglasses, making this pair a worthy addition to your rotation.

Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses
best sunglasses for men randolph concord

The best sunglasses look a little bit like a classic pair that your father or grandfather (or a style icon like Steve McQueen) might have favored, hence our love of the Concorde Sunglasses from Randolph Engineering. Steeped in military heritage, this style looks great on any guy.

Raen Optics Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses
best sunglasses for men raen wiley alchemy polarized

Sometimes, you don’t want something too fussy in terms of frame shape and design, yet you want a pair of sunglasses that stands up in matters of style and functionality. The Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses fit the bill nicely. They’re at home on both the beach and the boardwalk.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
best sunglasses for men ray ban clubman 2019 1

You really can’t top the longevity and classic style of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. They’ve endured for decades. That’s also why they work as an accessory alongside a navy cotton suit or a henley and indigo denim.

Warby Parker Haskell Sunglasses
best sunglasses for men warby parker haskell crystal

It’s nice to mix things up from the average from time to time, especially when it comes to your sunglasses. The Haskell Sunglasses from lauded eyewear purveyors Warby Parker do the trick quite nicely.

Krewe Lafayette Sunglasses
madewell krewe lafayette sunglasses 2019 2

The best sunglasses to buy now just so happen to be stocked and sold by one of our favorite retailers, Madewell. That these Krewe sunglasses would look right at home with a perfectly faded tee and slim denim is a huge bonus.


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