Avoid the Cold Weather With These 5 Stove Top Grills

When cold weather blows in, most of us pack up our outdoor grill or barbecue and put it away for winter (hopefully under a cover or safely in a garage).

For home cooks, this is one of the saddest moments of the year. No longer able to grill an amazing steak, fish, or chicken breast outdoors, it’s essential to find another way to keep your grill game going. So unless you’re as resilient as the United States Postal Service and ready to barbecue come rain, snow, sleet or hail, that means getting yourself an excellent stove top grill pan.

For some inspiration on the subject, check out our roundup of some of the best grill pans on the market.

Finex Lean Grill Pan – $99

Finex Lean Pan Grill
Finex/Carly Diaz
Finex/Carly Diaz

Pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, the 15-inch lean grill pan from our good friends at Finex is a great option for meat aficionados looking to do some serious grilling. The pan features a domed drainage base that siphons off excess fat and is compatible with gas, induction and electric stove-tops. We suggest throwing on a thick steak and an assortment of vegetables for a truly filling meal. And if you need the lowdown on how to clean cast-iron, check out our video here.

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Cooksmark Copper Pan – $23

cooksmark copper pan

The sleek 10×10 grill pan from Cooksmark is the perfect addition to any compact kitchen. The super nonstick copper interior surface is ultra-durable, scratch-resistant, and guaranteed to leave satisfying grill marks on all your favorite foods. Plus the pan is totally dishwasher safe, which means you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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Le Creuset Cast-Iron Grill Pan – $100

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Grill Pan

It doesn’t get much more classic than the rectangular skinny grill from Le Creuset. The attractive 13-inch pan is ideal for vegetables, fish, and even grilled flatbreads. The nonreactive black enameled interior requires no seasoning, is incredibly easy to clean, and won’t tarnish in the dishwasher, which is key for those of us who are energetic enough to cook but too lazy to wash our pans by hand.

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Staub Grill Pan – $250

staub grill pan

For a more elegant grill pan, check out the Marin-Blue option from Staub. While this accessory will set you back a few hundred dollars, the high-quality finish is sure to to keep you satisfied through several thousand grilling feasts. The cast-iron base heats evenly and is great for either stove-top or oven cooking. We suggest christening the pan with this ultimate steak recipe.

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Anolon Stainless Steel Grill Pan – $48

For those who want a bit more depth to their grill pan, consider the 12-inch-deep stainless steel option from Anolon. The elegant pan is built with a three-ply construction, which allows for excellent heating and durability. An added bonus is that the polished exterior won’t rust and is super easy to clean.

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