The Best Sandwich Makers and Accessories: the Best Things Since Sliced Bread for Your Bread

The first usage of the word “sandwich” came from an 18th century English aristocrat, John Montagu, aka the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He would often order his servant to bring him meat tucked betwixt two slices of bread, enjoying the versatility and convenience of such a meal. As others started to recognize the brilliance of this culinary masterpiece, they began ordering “the same as Sandwich!” Thus the phenomenon began.

We’ve come a long way since then. Sandwiches have evolved into all different shapes and sizes and integrated with every culture.

Best Sandwich Makers and Accesories

The sandwich is a complicated beast, so having the right appliances in your kitchen can really help you out in a pinch — or a press.

Cuisinart Sandwich Grill and Panini Press
best sandwich makers and accessories panini press

Have you ever had a panini? Grilled bread, melted cheese, and warm meat get pressed together to create a something more glorious than the sum of its parts. You can find these tasty items at your local Panera, but if you want to start making paninis on your own, you’re going to need a panini press grill, which is essentially just a sandwich grill. This Nonstick Cuisinart sandwich machine has a floating hinge to accommodate all different sandwich sizes, as well as two nonstick grill plates with grids for searing. The right grill will always leave those signature char marks that practically scream “I’m a Panini!” Though admittedly, you could probably grill a wrap, muffin, omelet, dessert, or just about anything with this electric sandwich maker.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
best sandwich makers and accessories breakfast maker

Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time to pull out the griddle and create something tasty. We either grab a bowl of cereal, buy breakfast somewhere on the way to work, or just skip it all together. However, with a breakfast sandwich maker, you could have delicious breakfast sandwich every morning without even breaking a sweat. Using your own fresh ingredients, drop an egg, English muffins (A biscuit or bagel will do as well), your choice of precooked meats (ham, Canadian bacon,  or sausage patties), cheddar cheese, and just a pinch of love to create something just like an Egg McMuffin.

You can pick up the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon and make yourself a breakfast sandwich you won’t regret. Don’t worry, according to the product information it comes with removable parts, so cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher safe non-stick plates.

A Pie Iron
best sandwich makers and accessories pie iron

If you’ve gone camping with your family and friends, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve eaten a sandwich in the great outdoors. Camping sandwiches tend to be either pre-prepared and hastily squished into ziplock baggies or made on site with ingredients that have been in a cooler for far too long. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should be subject to such poor sandwich conditions, though. A cooking surface like this one doesn’t need electricity, but it requires the occasional flip to ensure those campfire flames don’t consume it. There’s no timer, so you have to be careful.

With a Rome Industries Pie Iron, you can use a campfire to turn that sad excuse for a sandwich into something toasty and delicious — or just cook bacon with it.

Proper Lunch Container
best sandwich makers and accessories lunch container

Lunch containers come in many different shapes and sizes, but we’ve found that most of them don’t expressly incorporate the sandwich into their design. If you want to do lunch right, you need a container that separates your sandwich entree from the bottom half of your meal. While there are containers made specifically for sandwiches, they leave no room for the rest of the meal.

Appliances like a sandwich maker may get all the credit for the creation of the sandwich, but it’s the lunch container that becomes the real hero in the end. Also, it’s safe to put in the dishwasher, so what’s not to love about this thing.

George Foreman Grill and Panini Press
best sandwich makers and accessories george

You’ve probably heard the name George Forman passed around at BBQ’s and casual dinner parties, but who is he and why is his name tied to this grill? George Foreman was actually a professional boxer in his youth and a pretty good one at that. He won gold at the 1968 Summer Olympics and only lost 5 times throughout his career. Oh yeah, and then after that he decided to get into healthy electric grills. A George Foreman Nonstick Grill is an excellent kitchen appliance to have in your home. You can grill meats, grilled cheese, sandwiches, and just about anything you can squeeze between those two cooking plates.

Once you’ve got those sandwich skills on lock-down, any good sandwich grill will be able to elevate you beyond just using the microwave for everything.

A Sandwich Cutter and Sealer
best sandwich makers and accessories cutter

Do you hate the crusts on your sandwiches? We get it, crusts can be so … crusty. Cutting the crusts off can be quite the hassle, however, and you’re likely not going to take the time to seal up the edges when you’re done. Whether you’re packing lunches, or just hate the texture, this sandwich cutter and sealer is there to make your life easier. This kitchen gadget can be used on any countertop surface, but you should definitely make sure it’s clean before you just start decrusting.

If you have a very on-the-go lifestyle, the ability to create little sandwich pockets for you and your loved ones could come in handy.

Sandwich Knife and Condiment Spreader
best sandwich makers and accessories spreader

Sandwich makers may get the bulk of the credit when it comes to crafting a masterpiece, but it’s in the small touches that the real magic happens. Spreading condiments and making the proper cuts may seem like a minor thing, but it can drastically change the sandwich experience. If you’re just using a butter knife to do those things, you could end up with dry spots — or worse, two uneven slices. With a stainless steel sandwich knife, you can spread and cut faster and more efficiently than you ever dreamed possible.

Sandwich Frill Toothpicks
best sandwich makers and accessories toothpicks

Creating the perfect sandwich isn’t just about flavors, it’s also about stability and presentation. It may seem unnecessary to add a bit of bling to your sandwich, but in reality, a toothpick can hold your sandwich together and maintain it’s integrity. A sandwich toaster can only do so much to keep all of those different delicious elements in place.

Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker
best sandwich makers and accessories quesadilla maker

Is a quesadilla a sandwich? Technically it’s meat and cheese sandwiched between two tortillas, so the real question is: are tortillas considered bread? Whatever the answer, quesadillas are convenient and quite delicious. If you’ve ever tried to make a quesadilla on your own, you probably know how difficult it can be to reach the optimal amount of cheese melt without burning the tortilla. With this electric quesadilla maker, you can make the perfect quesadilla every single time — just follow the instructions. You don’t even need to wait for anything to preheat with this kitchen gadget, just slap those tortillas on there and wait the magic happen.

With a nonstick coating, a locking lid, and indicator lights as a timer, this machine has all the tools you need to make quesadillas like you’ve never made before.