The best stylish planners: achieve your goals

If you haven’t utilized a planner before, don’t sweat it. Planners and yearly organizers are available in a variety of different styles, however, the best planners are standardized to make your life simpler and more balanced. And they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, either, considering you’ll have to get another one next year.

We collected some of the most stylish, affordable, and practical planners.

Lemome Planner

Best planner overall

Lemome offers the bread and butter of planners, if you will. Not only does it feature weekly and monthly calendars to put your goals in perspective, but this specific planner also supplies 88 note pages, a list of holidays, calendar stickers for easy maneuvering, and a whole lot more to successfully get you through the year. Other highlights include a durable faux leather hardcover, an inner pocket pouch, a pen holder, and thick environmentally friendly paper to make sure no plans bleed into the next week.

Moleskin 12-Month Daily Planner

Most personalized planner

12-Month Daily Planner in classic black

Offering a wide range of durable 12-month organizers, Moleskin has been one of the best planner producers in the game for quite some time. The brand’s planners come in an array of colorways and themes, but what Moleskin does best is give you options that cater to your personal needs, such as a vertical or horizontal layout, different sizes, and your choice of a soft or hard cover. We love the hardcover horizontal planner because it gives you just enough space to take down the essentials without overwhelming your workload. Other details include non-bleed, high-quality paper, a color-coordinated elastic band, and a matching ribbon bookmark to make sure you’re always organized and on-track.

Legend Planner Deluxe Weekly and Monthly Life Planner

Best for productivity

legend planner in black

Legend Planner’s motto is simple: “Create a legendary life.” This deluxe life planner gives you an outlet to plan and achieve the life you fancy. Legend Planner used scientific studies to influence its performance design, which is supposed to increase productivity, teach prioritization, and enhance your time management skills. It includes weekly and monthly planners, a vision board,  sections for keeping track of ambitions like monthly goals, daily rituals, and a habit tracker, as well as handy add-ons like a pen holder and elastic closure. This planner is undated, though, so you’ll have to fill it in yourself. However, that also means you can start planning your year when you’re ready and utilize every page you purchased.

Panda Planner Pro

Best for goals

panda planner pro

The Panda Planner Pro is another yearly planner that utilizes science. The goal? To provide you with the resources you require for performing at a high level by keeping your work and life balance under wraps. By approaching each day with a goal, prioritizing that goal, and holding yourself accountable by reviewing your progress at the end of the day, the Panda Planner is one of the best planners because it’s built on positive psychology, which is half the battle when trying to accomplish something. We also really enjoy the planner’s sleek design, which is crafted entirely out of eco-friendly materials.

Bloom Daily Planners Planner Book

Best basic planner

Bloom daily planner

For those with a stacked schedule, Bloom Daily Planners knows how to help you organize everything in a spacious, easy-to-read format. This is one of the best planners because it’s super affordable, lightweight, and durable while containing all the necessary resources to guide you through your weekly schedules, keep track of your appointments, and set attainable goals. We love how much space Bloom Daily Planners provides, as well as its minimalistic layout and inspirational quotes (we all need extra encouragement sometimes). And, come on, the black wood grain design is ridiculously cool.

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