The best signature basketball sneakers by NBA superstars

From LeBron James to James Harden, the top stars in the league are driving millions in sales for Nike, Adidas, and others — all while building off of the sneaker culture Michael Jordan established. Sneakers are where sports and fashion collide and these particular brands are the perfect example of such glorious harmony.

Here’s a list of signature sneakers from the league’s leaders that are available now.

James Harden Sneakers

In recent years, Adidas has stepped up its basketball sneaker game by adding all-star guards James Harden and Damian Lillard to their roster. Of course, it always helps when one of those guards becomes a the league’s MVP. 

Both models — the Harden B/E X and the Harden Vol. 2 — come in a variety of colorways for matching any of your rec league jerseys.

LeBron James Sneakers

One of our favorites is Nike’s LeBron’s next signature sneaker — the LeBron 16. Arguably his best sneaker to date, new colorways were released recently.

Kyrie Irving Sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts have been having a lot of fun with Kyrie Irving’s cereal-themed sneakers. But if you care more about performance and price than fashion, you can get the same Kyrie 4 shoes (without the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

Paul George Sneakers

One of the signature sneakers from Nike are Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George, the PG2’s. These shoes are available in some of the 6 colorways.

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