4 Adventurous Places to Escape to on Your July 4th Vacation

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For many Americans, the July 4th holiday means backyard barbecues or family road trips. But, if you’re looking to celebrate the country’s independence by leaving it, here are four destinations where July is the perfect time to visit.


Iceland, July 4th

In recent years, Iceland has become the “it” destination for adventurous travelers. July is a uniquely great time to visit as the weather is mild (by Icelandic standards) with minimal rain and daily highs in the mid-50s. The country’s famous “midnight sun” also peaks near the beginning of July, meaning visitors can expect nearly 24 hours of sunlight every day. On the downside: hotel prices double as many Europeans are already hip to all of the above, but the U.S. dollar is still relatively strong against the Icelandic krona.

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Kenya, July 4th

If Africa has been on your bucket list since forever, now’s the time to pull the trigger on a visit to the lost continent. July marks the peak of one of Kenya’s two annual dry seasons, meaning more predictable wildlife viewing and fewer mosquitos. It’s also a fantastic time to visit for one simple reason: The Great Migration. Every year, more than two million wildebeests make the annual trek from Tanzania to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. In the process, they must cross the crocodile-rich Mara River and survive the wilds of the Maasai Mara – home to the densest lion population in Africa. The result is one of the most dramatic, real life nature shows on earth.

Wales, U.K.

Cardiff bay at night, july 4th

Wales has long been the United Kingdom’s go-to adventure destination. The region is home to the island’s most extensive zipline courses, an underground trampoline park, and the best terrain for hiking, biking, and climbing. Its latest claim to fame is as the home of coasteering which, frankly, is reason alone to plan a visit. Plus, with the recent Brexit drama, the bargain for American travelers has never been better. As an added bonus, July is replete with events, including a huge international food and drink festival in the capital city of Cardiff.

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Tokyo, July 4th

We would argue that one never needs a reason – and there’s hardly a bad time — to visit Tokyo. But July, in particular, is ideal as high temperatures and even higher humidity scare away most tourists and push locals out to cooler climes. This mass exodus means thinner crowds (in one of the world’s most crowded cities) which make it a great time to explore museums, restaurants, and cocktail bars. This weather-induced low season also ensures great deals on everything from hotels to historical tours.