Sprint Through Airport Security with These TSA-Approved Men’s Travel Kits

Modern air travel is just ugly. Unless you or your company are prepared to ante up the big bucks for a first class ticket, cramped seats, expensive food and drink, and pay-to-play wifi and movies are the airlines’ special souvenir gift to you. Don’t get us started on the extra weight and baggage fees that start mounting up from practically the moment you step into the airport. Then of course there are the long security lines.

Obviously, there are a few things that you can do to shorten the process, maintain your dignity, and cool your temper. Keep your identification and boarding pass close at hand, wear comfortable shoes and socks, and make sure those toiletries are all in TSA-certified sizes and a clear bag.

Trust us on this: bring your go-to grooming products with you in your carry-on.

Don’t risk that your best hair product, beard oil, or moisturizer got sent to a different airport with your suitcase. Plus it’s also very convenient for when you need to scrub-up a little on the plane when you’re headed from a pre-dawn flight right into a business meeting.  

A lot of grooming companies have made traveling life easier by offering pre-packaged, TSA-sized products available in easy-to-order kits, so you don’t have to spend time squeezing your everyday shampoo into a smaller bottle or remember to grab that moisturizer you swiped from your last luxury hotel stay. See some of our favorites below.

Caution: D not try a whole new product range or brand on a trip. This is not the moment to find out that you break out into a rash from a moisturizer or get an itchy scalp from an untested conditioner. 

Aesop Boston Grooming Kit – $75
tsa approved toiletry kits aesop boston 2

Aesop offers two versions of its comprehensive grooming kit: The Boston or the London. The main difference between the two is that The London includes a parsley seed group of products, including an exfoliating cleanser while the Boston’s olive-based cleanser, primrose hydrating cream, and “B and Tea” — that’s vitamin B and green tea — toner. Each kit also includes shampoo, conditioner, body balm, body cleanser, mouthwash, and comes in its own handsome travel case, although you will still have to carry them in a clear, one-quart plastic bag, even if you’re TSA Pre-Check. 

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Anthony Starter Kit – $25
tsa approved toiletry kits anthony

Anthony starts its kit off with a firm foundation of a glycolic facial cleanser to help smooth and heal your skin with vitamins A, C, and E to provide antioxidant protection, something you’ll be glad for after an airplane’s foul environment. A facial scrub exfoliates and removes the dust and grime of the road. Facial moisturizer, shave cream, and hair and body wash (we like two-in-one products when traveling!) round out the collection. The whole kit comes in a handy see-through zip bag that has just enough room to tuck in a small tube of toothpaste. Anthony offers two other versions of this travel kit, so check them out for the one that fits your needs best. 

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Baxter of California Travel Grooming Bundle – $39
tsa approved toiletry kits baxter of california kit 1

Baxter’s focused offering includes the basics. Its sulfate-free, daily face wash (aloe and allantoin will help hydrate your skin, while caffeine refreshes) is also great as a beard wash! The daily shampoo and conditioner include wheat protein and vitamin E to repair and cleanse without drying. Coconut extract helps healthy hair growth prevents dry scalp, while invigorating mint stimulates and leaves hair smelling fresh. Finally, the deodorant is healthfully aluminum-free and includes ingredients that detox and condition the skin while nixing odor-causing bacteria, all with a light, herby scent. Again, the Baxter Bundle includes its own case. 

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Ben Lido Aiden Business Kit – $85
tsa approved toiletry kits ben lido

We had a tough time choosing which of Ben Lido’s custom travel kits to feature. The brand’s “Adventure Kit,” for instance, comes complete with insect repellent, sunscreen, and Imodium because street food on vacation. But you can also prepare for Beach, Business, Jetsetter, and Quick Trip options. Shop for TSA-friendly sizes: customize each kit for your needs, then “set it and forget it” and Ben Lido will continue to deliver all your travel toiletry needs on a regular basis. The Aiden Business kit features shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a toothbrush, Purell, a Tide-to-go stain removal pen, and much more. It even includes an emergency phone charger and a Kipling bag. 

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Kiehl’s Men’s Grooming Essentials – $48
tsa approved toiletry kits kiehl s 1

Kiehl’s makes sure you’re putting your best face forward for that business trip, family visit, or vacation. Facial Fuel face wash includes caffeine, menthol, and vitamin E to give tired skin a fresher appearance, and preps your face for a comfortable shave with White Eagle shave cream. Follow up with Facial Fuel moisturizer. In the shower use another of our favorite double-service products, the Nourishing shampoo+conditioner, with a nice woodsy aroma. It’s even gentle enough for your beard (so if you’ve got one, we guess that makes it a “4-in-1” product). Finish up with the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, although you will need to grab a soapbox to cart it around. 

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MenScience Travel Kit – $86
tsa approved toiletry kits mensscience kit

Who says you can’t take it with you? If you’re planning a longer trip and want to stick with a good grooming regime on the road, pack MenScience’s Travel Kit.T here are ten quality products to keep you handsome and hydrated, including shave cream, face wash, face lotion, after-shave, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, sleep mask, eearplugs and a travel bag.

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Murdock of London A Gentleman of Two Cities Travel Kit – $45
tsa approved toiletry kits murdock

Murdock of London reaches back to its Victorian roots with a Dickens-inspired kit just for the holidays. Filled with carry-on friendly grooming essentials, and stored in a covetable tweed travel bag, the kit features Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray, Black Tea Body Wash, and Black Tea Cologne, as well as Texture Paste for soft-hold hair styling. For the hirsute traveler, grab the Great Bearded Expectations Travel Kit, swapping out the brand’s beard moisturizer for the Texture Paste. 

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Olivina Men Grooming Essentials Kit – $35

Olivina’s kit is packed with multitaskers (our favorite thing, again). There’s a hair, face, and body wash; a 2-in-1 shave prep/beard oil; a hair conditioner that can also be used for light styling; an aluminum-free deodorant; and a conditioning shave cream. The kit features a cocktail-inspiring bourbon cedar scent across most of the products, with the shave prep and beard oil featuring cedar and bergamot. 

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Flight 001 Flight Pak – $45

From the company that elevates travel to an art form, Flight 001 offers a kit that has perfectly sized and devised containers to fill with your own favorite in-flight necessities. It includes labels and a pen so there’s no confusion between, say, Valium and Aleve. Other “first class” niceties like an eye mask and ear plugs — in case of screaming child, snoring seatmate, or chatty neighbors — add a touch of luxury. The handsome, fold-up case easily hangs from your tray table latch to keep everything handy. A dental essentials kit will allow you to brush away those on-board snacks and cocktails, arriving at your destination fresh and ready to get down to business, even if it’s the business of vacation. 

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Stuart & Lau Toiletry Kit – $125
tsa approved toiletry kits stuart and lau 1

Sadly, if you need a new kit for your Thanksgiving travels, this one is on pre-order, scheduled to ship December 1, 2018. However, it is one of the most innovative toiletry kits we’ve seen in a while, so get on the list now…or drop some serious hints to Santa over turkey and stuffing. The elegant clamshell design opens up to two compartments, so it’s easy to find everything you’ve stowed inside. The kit includes a toothbrush sleeve, as well as a TSA-friendly, waterproof “wet bag,” for liquids and gels.

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If you need to toss in some individual additions to your TSA-approved toiletry kit, try these tiny version of bigger grooming products like a solid cologne or hand sanitizer.

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