Sprint Through Aiport Security this Spring with these TSA-Approved Toiletry Kits

toiletry kits

When flying the friendly skies it pays to travel light.

Frequent fliers know to skip the checked baggage fees, lost luggage, and waiting time at the carousel and just carry on instead. But, remember, more than 3.4 oz. of your favorite face wash, moisturizer, or beard oil won’t be welcomed aboard. Why not speed through the TSA security check and look dashing upon arrival with a travel sized grooming kit? Jet with these travel kits already cleared for take off. Wheels up!

Flight 001 F1 Flight Pak – $45

 tsa approved toiletry kits flight001travelkit

From the company that specializes in making travel more bearable, comes a kit that has everything you need to disembark looking refreshed and well rested, not haggard and worse for wear. From an eye mask to help you catch some zzz’s, to tiny bottles and jars ready to be filled with your favorite grooming products, to dental essentials to prevent a case of death breath, all is packed neatly into a carry-on sized case.

Olivina Men Grooming Essentials Kit – $35

 tsa approved toiletry kits olivinamentravelkit

Packed with multitaskers like a scrub you can use from head-to-toe and a cleanser that washes your hair, face, and body, this 5-piece streamlined set is perfect for the minimalist or those who would do anything to avoid checking a bag.

Lab Series Skincare For Men Travel Essentials – $86lab-series

You don’t have to pack up your entire medicine cabinet to look your best. Lab Series Skincare For Men Travel Essentials comes in a dopp kit and includes Maximum Comfort Shave Cream Tube, Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick, and PRO LS Lip Tech. But, the real hero of this space saving travel kit is the PRO LS All-in-One Face Treatment. It’s a first class, moisturizing multitasker that soothes, hydrates, repairs damage, and controls shine.

Anthony’s Fresh Five Kit – $30

tsa approved toiletry kits anthonytravelkit

Traveling can be dirty business. Don’t count on some random, moisture stripping hotel soap to get rid of the grime, especially on your face. Anthony’s Fresh Five Kit gets your skin squeaky clean with a Glycolic Facial Cleanser, an Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash and a Facial Scrub. There’s also a nourishing Shave Cream and an All Purpose Facial Moisturizer to finish the job. 

MenScience’s Travel Kit – $86menscience

Who says you can’t take it with you? If you’re going on a longer trip and want to stick with a good grooming regime pack MenScience’s Travel Kit. There are ten quality products to keep you handsome and hydrated including shave cream, face wash, face lotion, after-shave, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, sleep mask, ear plugs and a travel bag.

Baxter of California Travel Essentials – $50


Traveling can be exhausting and jet lag isn’t a great look. Refresh your dry, dehydrated skin and lose the under eye baggage with Baxter of California Travel Essentials. Their Daily Face Wash, Oil Free Moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm and Daily Protein Shampoo come in a 2 oz. travel size and will have you looking refreshed and adjusted to the time change.

Ursa Major’s Traveler’s Skin Care Kit – $41


If you take one thing on the road, make it Ursa Major’s individually wrapped Essential Face Wipes. Use them in flight as a cleanser to remove grime, clear pores, soothe irritation and hydrate your face. Scented with orange, fir and lavender they smell way better than the guy sitting next to you. You can find them in Ursa Major’s Traveler’s Skin Care Kit along with Fantastic Face Wash, Essential Face Tonic and Fortifying Face Balm.

Once you get on board the plane, treat yourself to this travel playlist:

Article originally published on September 30, 2016. Last updated May 8, 2017 by Katie Dickens.