Nomad Life: Our Favorite Road Trip Gear

Road Trip Gear, road trip accessories

Summer road trips are a right of passage for every young man looking for adventure. Whether you’re heading out to hit every national park within a thousand miles or hauling everything you own across the country, a road trip is the quintessential American adventure. We’ve stocked up our SUV with a few of our favorite road trip gear to ensure that every roadside campsite is perfectly outfitted.

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Yakima Showcase 20 $779

Yakima Showcase 20, road trip, gear, camping, auto accessories
From packing in your closest four friends’ ski gear to a week’s worth of camping gear, the ShowCase holds more gear than you can imagine. Dual sided opening helps you access your entire stockpile of luggage. The aerodynamic design makes it perfect for long hauls on the road. Make sure you head on over to Yakima’s online car fitting system so you can match the best cargo box to your car before you order.

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower $100

Nemo Helio pressure shower, road trip gear, road trip essentials
From washing off stinky dogs at the end of a trail day or spraying down muddy bikes before loading them up, the Helio is one of our essentials for every single backcountry adventure. The foot pump pressurizes its 2.9 gallon capacity for easy use. We fill it up and leave it in the sun while we’re out hiking and biking so we have warm water at the end of the day.

Thermacell Trailblazer Mosquito Repeller Lantern $60

Thermacell mosquito repellent, toad trip gear
Using a small butane burner, Thermacell’s mosquito lanterns disperse an airborne repellent covering a fifteen foot by fifteen foot area. The Trailblazer also pumps out 300-lumen brightness with an included LED lantern. We use it around camp to keep bugs away from our food, and and also hang the smaller Scout Lantern ($40) next to our tent so that getting in and out isn’t a frantic zipper panic to keep all the critters out.

Igloo Sportsman 40qt $220

Igloo Sportsman cooler, road trip, gear, camping
Two inches of foam, anti-skid pads, aluminum hinges, and a lockable lid are just the beginning of this amazing little cooler. We love it for the fact that it will fit all our favorite breakfast foods (pretty much just bacon, bacon, and bacon) along with a bottle of wine for the ladies and a a couple dozen beers. It fits in just about any trunk or hatchback, and holds ice for your four-day holiday weekend with ease.

Icebreaker Sphere Crewe $70

Icebreaker Sphere Crewe, road trip gear
The anti-stink properties of merino, combined with the breathability of eucalyptus tencel fibers? The Sphere Crewe is a shirt that you can wear for days on end when you’re out on the road or trail. It has all the comfort a soft merino, but the blend with tencel and nylon adds in serious durability and breathability.

Feed Zone Portables Cookbook

Feed Zone Portables, road trip gear, road trip accessories, cookbook
From blueberry and chocolate coconut rice cakes to gluten free waffle sandwhiches we always have a few homemade snacks stashed in the cooler and our packs. They’re more satisfying than living on energy bars, and many of the recipes are easy to make with a well stocked camp kitchen.

CRKT Bivy $70

CRKT Bivy, road trip gear, multi-tool
Trust us, one night around camp with the Bivy, and you’ll find a reason to never let it leave your side. Originally designed by famed speed climber Hans Florine for one handed use while rigging rope, the Bivy is our choice for all our campsite chores while holding a beer (decidedly not as extreme as using it a hundred feet up a climbing wall, but spilled IPAs are also serious business).