4 Best Travel Gear Brands with Lifetime Warranties

travel brands with lifetime warranties

There’s a reason cheap gear is often so, well, cheap. At The Manual, we believe in paying a little more once for a well-built product, rather than saving a few bucks at a time only to have to replace your gear every few years. With that in mind, here are four of our favorite travel brands with near-bulletproof lifetime warranties. Buy one backpack, hat, or pair of pants from these trusted manufacturers, and it’s likely to be the last one you’ll ever pay for.

Eagle Creek

We’ve been huge fans of Eagle Creek’s entire line of travel products — especially their hybrid rolling backpacks and clever packing organizers — for years now. Everything in their catalog is durable and well-made, meaning it’s all destined to outlast you. But, if something does break, they offer one of the industry’s best warranties. Appropriately dubbed the “No Matter What Warranty,” it’s exactly what it sounds like. If, during the lifetime of your gear, any part should fail due to a manufacturer’s defect, they’ll replace or repair it. Period.

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Eagle Creek’s Gear Warrior Wheeled Luggage is compact enough to be reasonably portable but large enough to fit just about any bit of gear you’ll need for a week-long vacation somewhere far, far away.


Patagonia has been synonymous with the great outdoors and adventure travel for more than half a century. They’ve made no bones about the fact that their apparel and outerwear costs more because it’s superior to anything else on the market. They want you to buy it once and own it for life. Their Ironclad Guarantee is a testament to that promise. If something of theirs doesn’t live up to your expectations — whether technically defective or not — just return it.

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Patagonia’s new Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody is an ultra-durable, flyweight rain shell that’s versatile and warm in all but the most frigid conditions.

Saddleback Leather Co.

While most modern travel brands have opted to go all-in with nylon, polypropylene, and other unpronounceable synthetic materials, Saddleback Leather Co’s catalog is almost exclusively (wait for it …) leather-centric. Just about every piece is sexy as hell in a classic “John Muir was here” sort of way. But, the kicker is that they stand behind their all-natural products with a 100-Year Warranty. The guarantee covers all defects in craftsmanship and the brand promises to make good on fixing just about anything that wears out prematurely.

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Their Leather Front Pocket Backpack is the sort of pack your great-grandpappy would’ve used to conquer the PCT.

Briggs & Riley

The Briggs & Riley aesthetic is one of understated sophistication. Their exceptionally well-made luggage is deceptively simple. While you pay handsomely for this level of quality and engineering, every product is backed by their “simple as that” guarantee. It’s arguably the best warranty in the travel gear business. They promise to repair “all functional aspects of your Briggs & Riley bag for the life of your bag.” Even damage by the airlines will be repaired free of charge (just pay for one-way shipping).

What We’re Stoked About for 2018

Their 27” Medium Spinner carries up to a week’s worth of kit in a beautiful, lightweight, ultra-durable shell that would be right at home on the International Space Station.

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