5 Weekender Bags for Your Next Getaway

5 weekender bags for your next summer getaway

It’s Friday afternoon, the office closes in 30, and you finally hit send on the last email of the day. You thought this weekend was going to be about as uneventful as the last, but suddenly the phone rings. Lucky you, you’ve been summoned to attend a mountain getaway with your friends. Everyone is loading up the car, but then here you come walking up with that big ass suitcase your grandmother pitied you to take the last time you visited. It’s large and in charge and takes up every bit of remaining square footage in the trunk. Way to be “that” guy. Then you realize nothing else will fit. Literally, nothing else will fit except for you or the cooler full of beer. Don’t make your friends have to choose beer over you. Before this tragic scenario happens again, take a look at our 5 favorite weekender bags for your next getaway. They’re practical, durable, and stylish. Plus, you can take them just about everywhere because their sized to not weigh down your weekend and large enough to pack a weekend’s worth of clothes. They’re pretty much everything that your suitcase isn’t.

5 weekender bags for your next summer getaway grand tourer

Grand Tourer Weekend Bag, $375 – Wood&Faulk

Wood&Faulk is well known in the Pacific Northwest for travel bags, accessories, and lifestyle items. The Grand Tourer Weekend Bag is just more of the same from the American designer headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Large in size, this bag is made for road trips and cruising altitude. The Grand Tourer is constructed with a durable waxed canvas, tough leather, and solid brass hardware. It also comes in four color options for those who need a different color for each weekend out of the month: North Coast Grey, High Desert Sage, Cascade Range Tan, and Falcon Brown. There’s enough compartments and storage space in the Grand Tourer to pack anything and everything you need for your next weekend getaway.


Meridian Duffle, $495 – Filson

When you think of Filson, you think quality. The Meridian Duffle is well worth the price point because of it’s durability and well, because it’s from Filson. This bag is built for the long weekend with its wear-resistant Tin Cloth and durable Bridle Leather. It comes in either black or tan, but we love the black, because who doesn’t love black with brass detailing? The Meridian Duffle is also constructed with a sturdy base that helps maintain the bag’s shape while you’re packing. One reviewer stated, “The bag can fit more than you think. 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of pants, 3-4 shirts etc. The bag is pricy, but as usual with Filson it’s the last one you’ll ever buy.”

5 weekender bags for your next summer getaway

Italian Leather Weekender, $425 – Frank + Oak

Frank + Oak ditched the “&” symbol and opted for “+” symbol. Since then, it’s been nothing but positive. Pun totally intended… But seriously, the brand overhaul is awesome. If you haven’t checked out their new website and collection, you should take a look. This Italian Leather Weekender from Frank + Oak comes in either black or dark tan and is constructed with premium leather that is handmade in their headquartered city of Montreal, Canada. It’s roomy enough for any weekend getaway or a cross-town trip to the gym. It’s even Instagram worthy if you’re one of those people who likes to crop in their travel accessories for that classic layover pic.


Holkham Leather Weekender, $249 – The British Belt Company/Jack Threads

Jack Threads offers hip clothing, shoes, and accessories for the everyday guy with an emphasis on fit and trying on clothes without having to pay up front. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Jack Threads recently unveiled a new try before you pay feature on their site that allows users to try out anything before you pay. That feature also applies to this Holkham Leather Weekender from The British Belt Company. At a price point of only $249, this weekender is high quality without the high price. For all of those spontaneous weekend road trips with the boys, this bag is ready at a minute’s notice. You can “try out” this bag, but we’re pretty confident that you’ll keep this one.


Abingdon Weekender Bag, $198 – J. Crew

Every guy needs a great bag, and every guy could use this great bag from J. Crew. The Abingdon Weekender Bag is made from rugged waxed cotton canvas with heavy-duty shoulder straps that make this bag durable enough for repeated use. It comes in either this deep olive color or khaki. While this bag is the least expensive of the 5 at a price of $198, quality wasn’t sacrificed. It’s tough, roomy, and stylish for all occasions. Forget the weekend getaway, this bag is capable of being more than just a weekender.

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