Brands Giving Back

Introducing The Manual’s Brands Giving Back series. Here, we’re profiling smaller brands that are driving real change by giving back in big ways. We’re honored to share their stories and how they are reinvesting their profits by supporting notable charities, initiatives, or causes. If you’ve made it your resolution this year to budget and diversify your hard-earned money to support companies or organizations that are giving back to the community, then start here. We’ve identified a few that are worth shopping from. New brands will be highlighted each month so be sure to come back to find the latest business to support.

Waka Coffee Combats Water Waste with Its Add Water Give Water Campaign

When David Kovalevski, the founder of , started learning about the coffee industry, he opened his eyes to a startling fact about the java industry. According to Unesco, it takes about 37 gallons of water to produce a single cup of coffee. It’s a thirsty trade, with water used to wash the […]
Waka Coffee Founder David Kovalevski