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The Best Bottles of Whiskey You Can Buy For $20 or Less

We've listed good, cheap options for bourbon, Scotch, rye, Canadian, and Irish whiskies. You're welcome.
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The Ultimate List of St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

You don't have to drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Mix it up with a cocktail and celebrate in style.

Talking Irish Whiskey with Tullamore D.E.W.’s Tim Herlihy

Ever wanted to learn more about Irish whiskey? This week's episode of The Manual podcast dives into the topic.
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The Best Irish Whiskey to Enjoy Right Now

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the ultimate Irish export: whiskey.

Heading to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day? Book the Irish Heritage Package at the Conrad Dublin

If you're planning a trip to Ireland, do yourself a favor and book a stay at the Conrad Dublin, the best hotel in Emerald Isle's ancient capital.
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Beam-Suntory’s Legent Is a First-of-Its-Kind Bourbon That Marries the U.S. and Japan

When two legends of whisk(e)y come together, you know good things are bound to happen.
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If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For?

Here are all the reasons to hit up the trail (and yes, those reasons end and begin with bourbon).
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Treaty Oak Distilling’s Experiments Run Wild in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of experiments, it seems.
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Ko’olau Distillery Launches Old Pali Road Whiskey, One of the First Hawaiian Whiskeys

Say aloha to Old Pali Road Whiskey, one of the first whiskeys made in Hawai'i.
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A Guide to Whiskey Decanters and the Best Ones to Buy

How bad ass and in control do you want to look? If you want to, great, then go ahead and decant your whiskey.
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Compass Box’s New Whisky, Stranger & Stranger, Contains 1-Year-Old Spirit

Stranger & Stranger is whisky it isn't technically whisky. Does that make it or break it for you?
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Four Roses Small Batch Select Is the Newest Permanent Expression

Are you as excited as we are for the new Four Roses Small Batch Select? You should be. It's the newest expression from Four Roses in 12 years.
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Angel’s Envy Bourbon Now Comes Aged in Oloroso Sherry Casks (But Good Luck Getting Some)

Angel’s Envy Oloroso Sherry Cask is the first new release from the brand in six years.
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5 Things to do With a Used Barrel When the Booze is Gone

Just because it isn't holding whiskey doesn't mean a barrel isn't useful anymore.
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More than Just Whisky and Soda: Understanding the Japanese Highball

Everything from the quality of the ice to the glassware to the type of whisky is thought through.
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Standard Wormwood Distillery Makes Spirits with Wormwood That Aren’t Absinthe

In addition to a wormwood rye, the distillery has produced a gin, and an agave spirit
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Why Pay Off Student Loans When You Can Buy This $53,000 Whisky?

The Macallan 52 Years Old 2018 is the latest luxury release from the brand. Yes, you read that right. The whisky is old enough to be a really young, hip grandparent.
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The History and How-To of Irish Coffee

January 25 is National Irish Coffee Day, so we present you with five takes on the classic caffeinated cocktail.