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This Virginia Distillery Just Released a Beer-Finished Whisky

Can you really go wrong when you put beer and whisky together? No. The answer is no.
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Put a Cork In It? The Pros and Cons of Different Wine Stoppers

Corks, screw caps, synthetics, glass tops — there are all sorts of ways to seal a bottle of wine (or whiskey). Here's a quick rundown of everything we've know about stoppers.
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Jack Daniel’s and the NBA Team Up Again for Epic All-Star Weekend

Love Jack Daniel's? What about basketball? Well, do we have a treat for you.
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Irish Coffee: The History and How-To of This Classic Caffeinated Cocktail

January 25 is National Irish Coffee Day, so we present you with five takes on the classic caffeinated cocktail.
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5 American-Made Smokey Whiskeys to Enjoy with Barbecue

Beer is a great accompaniment to any grilling sesh, but sometimes you need something stronger — like these great smokey whiskeys from the U.S.
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A Brief History of The Hot Toddy (With Recipes)

The history of the hot toddy is fascinating, so we've put collected it here for you.
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You Should Drink These 18-Year-Old Liquors in 2018

A new year may mean a new you, but that doesn’t mean that what’s in your glass should be new. Check out these must-have 18-year-old liquors.
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How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Whiskey

If you're a fan of Fireball or any other cinnamon whiskey, this recipe is for you.
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Why You Should Know About Kavalan Distillery and Taiwanese Whisky

As the master blender of Taiwan's Kavalan Distillery, Ian Chang wants his whiskies to drink like a fine symphony.
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Whiskey and Wine Come Together with FEW Italia Bourbon

FEW Spirits likes to do things differently. Italia Bourbon is the distillery's new take on a wine cask-finished whiskey.
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Should You Pick Up the New Cask Strength Bourbon from Angel’s Envy?

The newest release from Angel’s Envy distillery is a cask strength bourbon — but is it worth hunting down?
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2 New Irish Whiskeys to Try this Holiday Season

Need a little more Irish whiskey in your life? Check out these recent releases.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Canadian Whisky

There's no one better person to tech you about Canadian whisky than the guy who wrote literally the book on it.
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When Whiskey and Food Come Together, Everybody Wins

Check out what makes Whiskey Feast such an enjoyable event!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Men

All the best gifts for men in one place.
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Why You Should Consider Joining the Irish Whiskey Society

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of the rare Irish whiskey world, you might want to look into joining the Irish Whiskey Society.
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The Manual’s 2017 Holiday Whisk(e)y Guide

The single best whisk(e)y gift guide on the planet. No matter what the man in your life likes about the brown stuff, we've got something for him.
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Need Bourbon? This Jim Beam Smart Decanter Will Pour It for You (for Six Months)

Meet JIM, a smart decanter from Jim Beam that lives to serve a sole purpose: pouring bourbon.
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Why Do People Wait for Hours in the Freezing Cold for Stranahan’s Snowflake?

Each winter, hundreds of whiskey lovers brave the cold for the opportunity to take home two bottles of the limited edition Stranahan's Snowflake.

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Multnomah Whiskey Library Episode

Coming to you straight from the Multnomah Whiskey Library.
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The Easy Thing to Do is Check out Jim Beam’s Little Book

Eighth generation distiller Freddie Noe has released his first whiskey: Little Book
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Army (and Brewing) Veterans Open Daring New Distillery in Vermont

After opening a brewery, Danger Close Craft Distilling seemed like the logical next step for this group of badass veterans.
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Thanksgiving Booze: Wine and Cocktails to Wash Down All that Food

We're grateful for all these Thanksgiving drinks ideas.