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Your Ultimate Guide to Genever (First Lesson: It’s Not Gin)

Depending on the style, a genever can taste something like a gin or more like a smokey Scotch.
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These are the Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic

Stock your bar with the best gins out there for a gin & tonic.

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Aria Gin Episode

The round-table takes the show out of the studio and into Aria Gin distillery in Portland, Oregon.
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Louisville By Way of London: Rabbit Hole Rye-Finished London Dry Gin

We like it when two of our favorite spirits are brought together: rye and gin.
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Starbucks is Crafting a Gin Barrel-Aged Cold Brew Coffee

This new kind of coffee sounds like a real grounds-breaking development to us.
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Ryan Reynolds Buys Aviation Gin, Because Of Course He Can

Ryan Reynolds — award-winning movie star, husband, father, and Canadian — can now add "gin owner" to his long list of titles.
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Just Add Tonic: The Best Gins Under $20

Good gin doesn't have to be expensive. Check out the best gins under $20.
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Shake Off a Hangover with a Corpse Reviver Cocktail

Need a little hair of the dog? We suggest the classic (and boozy) Corpse Reviver.
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This New Gin Claims It Won’t Give You a Hangover

V.E.S. Gin is new from down under and might just be the hero we need.
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Hendrick’s Gin and The BoomCase Collaborate on the Most Peculiar Speaker System Ever

Audiophiles and gin lovers unite! Hendrick's Gin and The BoomCase crafted a unique sound system that doubles as a suitcase and gin tea set.
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Kick Back with these 5 Killer Cucumber Vodka Cocktails

Flavored vodka doesn't have to be ridiculous, just delicious. Here's how to use Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka in cocktails.
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Mezcal Gin Mixes Two Classic Spirits Into One Tasty Elixir

Peep this Mezcal Gin cocktail recipe.
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Captive Spirits Distilling’s Big Gin is Aged in Peat Barrels for Four Months

Big Gin spends four months in peat, which is pretty neat.
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What You Need to Know about American Gin

American Gin is the newest style of the spirit to pop onto the scene. Check out what makes it truly American.
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Six Gin Cocktails You Can’t Live Without this Summer

You can't call yourself a home bartender without knowing these essential gin cocktails.
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Review: Philly’s Patriotic Spirit, Bluecoat Gin

Check out our review of Philadelphia's own Bluecoat Gin. It's an American Dry that's more than just patriotic.
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Review: Mass Appeal for Bully Boy Gin

At times, it feels like New Englanders are a breed all their own, and Bully Boy Distillers is harnessing that idea, creating spirits that are true to the New England terroir by using “regionally indigenous ingredients.”
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Review: Pink Gin? It’s a Thing.

The Royal Navy started it, you can finish it.
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More Fun Than a Mob of ‘Roos: Four Pillars Gin Comes Stateside

We’re not going to say that Four Pillars Gin is the best thing to come to America from Australia since Steve Irwin, but we’re also not not going to say it.
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The Gin of Gins: Sipsmith Spirits’ V.J.O.P.

Check out Sipsmith Spirit's first uber-gin: V.J.O.P.
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9 Essential 3-Ingredient Easy Cocktails To Master

Cocktails don't have to be difficult. Master these 3-ingredient drinks and be the life of the party.

No Vacancy: LA’s Strangest, Best, and Most Exciting Speakeasy

There are certain things about No Vacancy that must remain secret until you visit. For example, the entrance and everything it entails. No Vacancy takes its speakeasiness seriously in the best way possible-- once you make it inside…
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You’re missing out if you’re not drinking these 5 gins

Enjoy the warmer weather and these amazing gins.