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12 Delicious Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes to Gobble Up This Year

Make your family and friends thankful for more than turkey and try whipping up one of these recipes.
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7 Best Tequila Bars in Mexico City

Jaime Salas, the national brand ambassador for Milagro, takes us on a tequila-drinking journey via the best bars in CDMX.
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‘Mixology & Mayhem’ Is Part Cocktail Book, Part Comic Book

Comic, cocktails, and a badass half-rabbit, half-man antihero. What more could you ask for?
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6 Essential Scotch Cocktails That You Need to Know

Scotch whisky is great on its own, but with the right ingredients, it makes an excellent mixed drink.
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The Ultimate Halloween Cocktail List for Getting Your Boo-ze On

Halloween parties are made better with boo-ze (pun intended) and what is more delightful than a well-made cocktail? Answer: two well-made cocktails.
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And a Cherry On Top: 5 of the Best Cocktail Cherries

For years, cocktail cherries have generally been neon red and overly sweet, but they don't need to be.

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Cocktail Party Etiquette Episode

Ever wanted to know what true cocktail party etiquette was? What about going to a cocktail bar?
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4 Apple Cider Cocktails You Owe It To Yourself to Try this Autumn

Need a drink to relax with in front of the fire? Try one of these apple cider cocktails.
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Skrewball’s Peanut Butter Whiskey Begs the Question: Is Nothing Sacred?

Peanut butter-flavored whiskey seems like the answer to a question no one was asking.
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3 Tasty Ways to Drink Scotch for Breakfast

When mixed with the right ingredients, smoky Scotch is the perfect spirit to imbibe first thing in the morning.
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What to Mix with Eggnog: A Simple Guide to Getting it Right

Can't decide what to mix with eggnog? Look no further.
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Get to Know Strega, the Saffron-Infused Italian Liqueur

This bright yellow amaro is making a comeback. Three pro bartenders talk about its resurgence and how to best mix it in cocktails.
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8 Buzzworthy Coffee Cocktails to Energize Your Day

National Coffee Day (September 29) is upon us. Not that we needed another reason to celebrate coffee (it is the life-giving liquid that jumpstarts our days, after all).

Official 007 Cocktail Book ‘Shaken’ Teaches You to Make James Bond-Approved Drinks

As Ian Fleming wrote in Thunderball, “It’s just that I’d rather die of drink than of thirst.”
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9 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy with Cooler Weather

Get ready for cooler weather and deeper, darker flavors.
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Patrón Tequila Teams Up with Fever-Tree for New Citrus Tonic

Finally, a tonic that is specifically designed to pair with tequila.
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You’re Going to Love This Angostura-Based Cocktail Recipe

Angostura is known for its utility in just about every cocktail, but did you know that it could also be used as the main ingredient?
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5 Cocktail-Inspired Beers From Craft Brewers

With so many brewers trying to put out a unique beer, it only makes sense that some have turned to the cocktail world for inspiration.