Bongs and the glass making process: following the path to quality?

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Glass blowing for both art and function has a long, interesting history, dating as far back as 30 BC. Over the centuries  craftspeople have learned to work with different types of glass for different purposes. Vitae Glass has become the expert in combining the right materials with perfect craftsmanship to produce high quality bongs and pipes. Glass blown pieces not only provide a cleaner, smoother high, but what Vitae turns out are also beautiful pieces of art on their own.

Using glass accessories to smoke has become the new norm but with plenty of choice and opportunity for customers, there can be confusion about what to look for in a quality piece. Vitae has broken down the three key factors that bong or pipe buyers should look for in a quality glass piece:

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1. Quality of Material

While some believe American made glass is superior, instead of focusing on where the glass was made, start with looking at the thickness of the glass itself. It should have a thickness of at least 5mm to maintain the quality of the smoking experience and ensure the piece will be less likely to break under stress. Anything under 5mm may even crack while you’re smoking due to the change in temperature. In addition, cheaper materials may have also been coated with paint and/or lead. To ensure you won’t be breathing either of those materials into your lungs only purchase glass pieces from trustworthy companies.

2. The Glass Blower’s Experience

Next, consider the experience level of the glass blower. With temperatures that can reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, glass blowers need great skill and training to successfully create long-lasting glass pieces that are smooth, functional pieces of art that are also safe to use. Improperly made pieces could shatter during use when a less skilled glass-blower fails to “anneal” the piece, or allow it to cool slowly over time. 

3. The Clear Difference in Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is more that the look of a piece. It also ties directly into the materials used and how they are handled.

Lower quality pieces are often made in sweatshops or even using child labor. Those pieces are not made for the art or the love of glass blowing, but simply as a means to survive.

True craftsmanship can only come from a glass blower who truly loves the art. You can sense the pride in the work, which influences the materials used and comes with the experience to produce pieces in the right thickness. It’s this difference that can be both seen and felt when smoking from the bong or pipe.

The Perfect Pipes – from VITAE Glass

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Vitae Glass, from San Francisco, with the right glass, craftsmanship and experience, has revolutionized glass piece making with their specialization in modular bongs. You can order a custom bong built to exact specifications, with interchangeable pieces that let you continue to customize it for the life of your bong.

Every Vitae piece uses only high lab grade borosilicate glass with, of course, a minimum thickness of 5mm. Every Vitae glass blower – each directly trained by the highly regarded Fernando of US Tubes — has a minimum of 15 years of experience and anneals each piece twice!

Learn more about the Vitae craft on their website at, and visit their bong page to purchase!

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