CBD Oil UK: The 5 Best UK CBD Oil Brands Reviewed (2021)

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CBD (cannabidiol) has taken over the UK’s high street, news headlines, and health community seemingly out of nowhere. There’s not a place you can go without hearing how it is either some kind of special wellness supplement or nothing more than the trendy new snake oil on the market.

The sudden overwhelming popularity of CBD has resulted in a massive UK market that sells CBD in every form: CBD oils, capsules, skincare topical creams, lotions, edibles, teas, and patches to name a few. However, another result of this product’s rapid growth is an industry without strong regulations.

A loosely regulated industry can be bad for the consumer. Brands are selling CBD products to UK residents that are oftentimes low quality, contain little or no CBD, and are potentially dangerous while simultaneously claiming these products are organic, the most effective, or the strongest on the CBD market.

It’s easy to understand the confusion, skepticism, and dismissal surrounding CBD when there are products being labeled as CBD that simply don’t work. What’s hard is sifting through the information overload and figuring out what’s true about CBD, and what’s not.

We’ll cover the UK’s best CBD oil brands and who you should buy from in 2021 to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

CBD Oil UK: 2021’s Top 5 Best CBD Brands Reviewed

1. Vibes CBD – Top Pick as #1 CBD Oil UK

Vibes CBD may be small, but their CBD tinctures pack a pretty big punch. Fairly new on the CBD scene, they have committed themselves to only creating two products: CBD oil and CBD capsules. From the looks of it, they have no plans on changing that in the future and it is one of the reasons we really like this brand.

Sold in 2 concentrations (1000 and 2000 mg of CBD), their oils are broad-spectrum CBD and contain no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) while still preserving a wide range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBDA, CBG), flavonoids, and terpenes for the entourage effect. Vibes CBD’s products range from about £40 – £80, which is more than reasonable when compared to other high-end CBD oils in the UK.

Vibes CBD knocks it out of the park when it comes to ingredients as well. Their hemp is sourced from Colorado, one of the best places in the world, as well as one of the strictest when it comes to government oversight. They use the supercritical CO2 extraction method to extract their CBD and only create small batches at any given time. Their attention to detail is pretty impeccable, and the quality of their oil shows how much they care. Despite being in the CBD industry for just under a year, Vibes CBD has been voted the UK’s best CBD brand by a variety of UK news sites: Yours, Observer, Manchester Evening, Reader’s Digest, Mirror, Birmingham Live, Stoke Essential, Express, My London, Liverpool Echo, LA Weekly, Daily Record, and QuitNet.

At first glance, however, our team was still a bit skeptical. A 2000mg tincture is not really considered a high concentration anymore when 5000mg or 10000mg can easily be found, but even higher concentration oils can’t relieve stress and chronic pain like this one did for our team.

Besides only creating CBD oil, the only drawback to Vibes CBD is that due to their commitment to creating a consistent, high-quality oil and the size of their company, there can be a wait for the CBD oil when it is sold out. They only make the amount that they can handle while still creating a good product. Vibes CBD’s range of products can only be purchased online, from their official website, where they also share their third-party lab results too.


2. Blessed CBD

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD oil, one of the best in the country is made by a small family-run company and is sold in the UK exclusively.

Founded in early 2018, Blessed CBD came into being out of frustration at the low-quality products available to the UK market. This family had seen and known about CBD for years and was excited at it finally being legalized. Once it was legal, however, they saw huge companies enter the market in search of profit, instead of trying to make a good product to actually help people.

Blessed CBD oils range from about £45 to £125 and are available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1800mg of CBD content. The tinctures are all full-spectrum CBD, which means they contain all the extra cannabinoids to allow you to unlock the entourage effect.

By no means is their CBD oil the strongest or best tasting, but it is one of the most effective our team has tried. For chronic pain or those who suffer from anxiety and stress, the 1000mg does wonders, based on anecdotal evidence.

Here are a few reasons why Blessed CBD is worth a try:

  • Produces a consistent and high-quality product using small batches
  • Transparent about extraction process and uses CO2 extraction
  • Third-party lab reports
  • Enhanced terpene profile and fatty acids
  • Free next-day guaranteed delivery
  • 100% organic hemp (cannabis Sativa plant)
  • Part of the Cannabis Trades Association

Blessed CBD is a promising UK brand that we hope continues to focus on what it does best and provides the UK market with a much-needed boost in quality and transparency. Other products in Blessed CBD’s award-winning range also include CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD creams.


3. Nutra CBD

Nutra CBD is a “CBD olie” (CBD oil) company that is stationed in the Netherlands. Nutra CBD provides both Europe and the UK with high-quality, hemp extracts for great CBD products.

Nutra CBD is a brand that prides itself in using the medical-grade supercritical CO2 extraction process, without solvents, harsh chemicals, or pesticides. With their supercritical CO2 extraction, Nutra CBD provides high-quality CBD oil that is around 40% CBD oil. Nutra CBD also offers many other cannabis products such as CBD e-liquid (to use with your vape pens), gummy bears, and liquid terpenes (all THC-free).

We learned that Nutra CBD’s product development team consults with numerous leading researchers and scientists to ensure that their customers get high-quality CBD products. Nutra CBD is also big on educating its consumers about CBD via its blog.

Due to recent Brexit regulations and Covid related disruptions, Nutra CBD deliveries to the UK can take up to 2 weeks.

4. Excite CBD

Excite CBD is one of the newer companies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t experienced. Though they only opened business back in 2020, Excite CBD has now become a very popular brand in the UK in no time.

If you are someone that wants your CBD oil without THC, you might want to find a different brand. This is because Excite CBD’s products contain small traces of THC, though they fall within the legal limit.

Excite CBD’s tinctures come in different sizes and strengths. For example, 10ml bottle sizes and their strengths vary from 250 mg to 1000 mg. You can pick and choose the tincture based on your preferred size, strength, and carrier oil (choose between MCT oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and even olive oil). This is a great option for those who are new to CBD products and do not know what you are looking for yet.

Excite CBD’s most popular CBD products include their CBD oil droppers, capsules, edibles, and CBD vape oils for vaping devices such as vape pens.

5. Exotics CBD

Exotics CBD is said to be one of the best, most affordable, pure CBD brands to try. The company has so much confidence in their product that they only have one product: full-spectrum CBD oil (if you are looking for CBD isolate, you will have to look elsewhere). They use low-pressure ethanol extraction, and this allows them to create hemp extracts of the highest quality.

Exotics CBD’s oil is grown in the USA, where the farms stick to very strict rules and regulations. All of this strictness ensures that the hemp they grow has high cannabinoid profiles as well as no pesticides (more on that below) or herbicides. This means that as a consumer, you can feel good purchasing from Exotics CBD.

Exotics CBD wants its customers to know that every single batch of oil is indeed tested for quality. This is done and confirmed through third-party lab results. The third-party lab results confirm that the oil and the amount of CBD (and any other cannabinoid amount on the label) are indeed free of chemicals.

If affordability is important to you, Exotics CBD is certainly a solid option to try.

But what is CBD?

Found naturally in the hemp plant, CBD is a cannabinoid that, when introduced into the human body, works with a system in our body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is one of the most important in the human body and is responsible for keeping essential functions balanced and running smoothly.

Some of those functions include:

  • Memory and learning
  • Reproduction
  • Body temperature
  • Movement
  • Digestion
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Mood

Our bodies produce their own set of cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids, and when CBD is introduced into the bloodstream, it can tell the ECS system to produce more or less of an endocannabinoid.

Often seen as a potential alternative to traditional medicine, CBD gives those looking to use more natural methods to maintain their health, an effective product that does not get you high or cause addiction, and is a completely natural compound that comes from the earth.

The most common CBD product is CBD oil tinctures. It is a staple of every brand’s product line and comes in the largest range of strengths. It is usually the first product that someone interested in CBD tries. Other forms of CBD are also popular and include edibles, teas, lotions, capsules, and even beauty products.

More research is required to thoroughly understand how effective CBD can actually be, but the studies so far have been astounding.

What are the UK’s laws on CBD?

Because CBD comes from the hemp plant, its legal status is a common concern among those looking to try this food supplement. Hemp is a variety of cannabis, and everyone knows that cannabis is illegal. So that makes hemp illegal too, right?

Not quite. The use of cannabis is restricted and some plants, like hemp, can be used as long as it is regulated.

Hemp plants are often confused with marijuana plants. Marijuana is a variety of cannabis and this is the plant that is illegal due to its psychoactive properties. Marijuana plants have high amounts of THC, the cannabinoid famous for that high feeling associated with cannabis. Any product that is made using the cannabis plant (such as cannabis oil) is illegal for general use and may cause side effects.

Hemp plants do not contain very high levels of THC, but they do have a whole bunch of CBD. This is why they are used to make CBD products. Hemp can be grown and sold by any business that is licensed by the Home Office. That means that you can buy and use hemp CBD oil products legally and publicly.

Well, almost. Any CBD product sold must contain less than 0.2% THC and cannot make claims of treating any medical conditions. Thankfully, most CBD products abide by both rules. The FSA has also announced a new law that makes it necessary for CBD brands to obtain a successful novel foods license to remain on the shelves.

Should you buy UK CBD oil online or in stores?

Lucky for UK residents, there are a ton of places that sell CBD oil and every other CBD product imaginable. But have you ever looked at the label of a product on that Superdrug shelf? What about the CBD oils being sold at Holland & Barrett?

Whether it is Superdrug, Boots, or Holland & Barrett, the retailer doesn’t matter. What’s happening is that these huge retailers are often stocked with too many brands that produce poor quality CBD oil products with little health benefits.

Poor quality CBD is making its way to the shelves of the stores and to the public because the CBD industry is loosely regulated and companies aren’t required yet by law to verify the levels of CBD in their products or disclose their ingredients or extraction techniques.

That means many UK retailers are potentially selling ineffective CBD oils that don’t work, CBD edibles that contain more sugar than cannabinoids, and CBD capsules that may not have much CBD in them at all. Until the industry requires that certain information be shared with the customer, it is up to you to find the right information about CBD. We recommend only buying your CBD oil online.

If you’re looking for a top-quality CBD oil brand, you want to know:

  • The source of its hemp
  • The amount of CBD in the product (to calculate dosing)
  • Whether they use organic ingredients
  • The customer reviews and feedback
  • Whether the hemp is Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • The extraction process used to remove the CBD from the hemp
  • Whether there is assistance and support for first-time users
  • Third-party lab results that verify the phytocannabinoids and THC content

Doing that extra research may be time-consuming, but it’s better than putting your health at risk and being conned out of your money.

If you don’t want to do all of that work, however, how can you protect yourself and your money? Buy from an online CBD brand that wants you to know what’s in its CBD oil and how it got there, like Vibes CBD or Blessed CBD. Plain and simple.

Final thoughts on CBD oils in the UK

We hope you’re no longer confused about where to buy CBD oil in the United Kingdom and how to make sure you are getting the best product for your wellness.

If you want to buy CBD oil without having to wait, Vibes CBD and Blessed CBD offer free next day shipping and can save you from an impulse buy at a high street retailer where the CBD may not be what it seems.

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