Workout Gear and Accessories to Keep You Rocking that New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Let’s just get this out there right away: No one keeps their New Year’s resolutions. Unless you’ve got a bottle of Adderall and iron will, you’re likely to try for a month, not see the results you were expecting, and then give up and go right back to your resolution-less life. And no one will blame you. Except you. Which is only human.

Free yourself from the blame game by setting yourself up for continued success by acquiring some home workout gear and accessories that will stare you down every day.

Plop all that equipment down in one room, and get yourself ready to either work out every day or feel the burning scorn of that unused medicine ball sitting there, judging you. Oh, and all that money you wasted on that fantastic gear? That’s going to eat away at you until you sell all the stuff for half the price you paid for it or you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, bite the bullet, and ride that resolution bandwagon to a banging body.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Smart Scale and Body Scanner

Naked Labs Naked Home Body Scanner – $1,395

Whether you’ve been working out for years or have only started this month, it’s important to know where your body sits when it comes to measurements. From weight to body fat percentage to lean mass, Naked Labs home body scanner will tell you exactly what your numbers are after stepping on its scale and being analyzed by the paired smart mirror. The body scanner not only gives you a single read-out, it tracks your progress as well. Use the accompanying app to compare your 3D before and after scans to truly see what you’ve accomplished. And, while this isn’t the cheapest piece of fitness tech, it provides consistent data that you normally wouldn’t even get from a smartwatch and personal trainer combined.

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Wireless, Sweat-proof Headphones

Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphones – $169

Now that you know your numbers, you’re going to need some motivation. Whether it’s a killer playlist to keep you pumping or remote coaching via a fitness app like Aptiv, auditory encouragement is key for sticking to and succeeding at fitness resolutions. These particular True Wireless Flash Headphone from Under Armour offer easy Bluetooth connectivity, JBL Charged Sound, waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating (meaning these are fully sweatproof), and winged ear tips to keep these bad boys in place during even the wildest of workouts.

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Workout Gear

Tonal Home Gym – $2,995

Who has room for a full gym in their house? Only millionaires, that’s who. So, instead of taking up an entire room in your house with a bench, squat rack, lat machine, and more, just use the Tonal Home Gym. Using a massive interactive screen (that features personalized coaching video conferencing), along with up to 200 pounds of weight, the Tonal Gym allows you to do almost any exercise you would in a full-size gym, but without taking up several thousand square feet of space. The Tonal Gym attaches directly to a wall and, when you’re not working out, take up virtually no room at all.

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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells – $230

Why get an entire set of static dumbbells when you can get a single pair that does the work of 10? Sure, these cost a pretty penny, but really, how many times are you going to buy a pair of dumbbells in your life? Hopefully just the once. And with these, you can feel confident that you’re in the right hands. After all, Bowflex has been offering up fitness equipment for well over two decades. Keep these expert tips from pro trainer Mike Barwis in mind.

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Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebell 40 lbs – $50

With just a few different sizes, weight training is an easy way to burn some calories at home. We like colorful options that have some type of covering so your floors don’t end up taking a beating.

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Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar – $24

There is perhaps no great signifier of fitness than the ability to do 10 pull-ups in a row. Make that your first goal after buying this. Do it every day until you hit that number. Then add five to it and try again. By the time you’re able to do 20, chances are you’re going to be a few pounds lighter and a few magnitudes stronger.

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TRX Training Kit – $200

This suspension training kit helps you use only your own body weight as resistance to help you build muscle. From suspended push-ups, lat-pulls, rows, planks, and abdominal stretches and exercises, this single kit can do more for your fitness resolution than almost any other item on this list. It’s also travel-friendly. Just remember to anchor safely.

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Amazon Basics 10 lb Medicine Ball – $34

Medicine balls are great for working your shoulders, arms, and even legs. This is one of our go-to wind-down exercises in the gym. Medicine balls also increase the difficulty of sit-ups and side-twists.

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Recovery & Pliability

TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller – $160

After a tough workout, sometimes you just need to roll out your knots and kinks with a foam roller. Fine – nothing wrong with that. Though it’s a little weak when compared to a vibrating foam roller. Yes, you can not only break up your inflamed fascia by rolling it away, but you can also simultaneously vibrate it away, too. Oh, and did we mention this comes from Tom Brady’s new gear brand, TB12? Well, it does. And what’s good for Tom Brady is good for us, right? Right.

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Theragun G3PRO – $599

While this might look like a modern-day torture device, it is actually a modern-day muscle relaxer and recovery tool. With a vibrating head that pulses in two settings of either 1,750 or 2,400 RPMs, the Theragun G3Pro is the total body relief tool that not only vibrates away and breaks up muscle knots and adhesions, it also works to reduce post-workout muscle soreness, provides for deeper sleep, and natural “pill-free pain relief.”

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Powerdot 2.0 Duo – $299

Powerdot is one of the best fitness samples we’ve ever received at The Manual. This device provides electrical stimulation directly to your sore or overworked muscles to help reduce soreness and speed recovery. Paired with an app, Powerdot allows you to massage your lower back, pump up your pecs, resistance train your calves, and so much more. Use it as a substitute workout when you can’t get to the gym or as your own personal masseur. Either way, Powerdot is sure to help you start out your 2018 on the right foot.

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Rest and Relax

CBD Bath Bomb – $20

Bath bombs aren’t just for making tub time smell nice. This bath bomb not only contains honey – a nice soothing ingredient for skin soaking – but also 200mg of water-soluble full-spectrum (non-psychoactive) CBD. You won’t get high, but you will feel awfully relaxed (both in regards to your mind and your muscles).

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And if you’re wondering how to increase your gains, bulk faster, or exercising while injured, check out our guides to low-impact exercises, workout recovery, fitness appsprotein and protein powder, and supplements and vitamins.

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