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Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deals 2020: Last Chance!

What better way to prepare for the winter than with some home fitness gear, especially dumbbells, which are so versatile. Amazon Prime day is coming to an end, so grab these Prime Day Dumbbell Deals before they are gone. There will be discounts on everything from small dumbbells for toning to heavy weight bars for bulking up.  Those looking to add free weights to their workout routine should look no further than these Prime Day Dumbbell Deals. When you are done shopping for your fitness gear, head over to our Prime Day Deals hub to discover other items Amazon is selling for a deep discount.

Today’s Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deals

  •  — $150, was $240
  •  — $27, was $35
  •  — $24, was $30
  •  — $28, was $35
  •  — $164, was $189
  •  — $70, was $77
  •  — $34, was $43
  •  — $110, was $125

When Are The Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deals?

You will find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day, but that’s not the only time Amazon slashes its prices. The online retailer has been known to drop prices ahead of Amazon Prime Day to get shoppers excited for the big event. If a  dumbbell set is being sold for an incredible price, don’t wait. Buy it while you can as you don’t know when you will see that price point again. It could be more expensive on Prime Day and you’ll kick yourself for not buying it when the price was a low. If you are concerned about paying too much, you could always buy the item and ask Amazon to price match or return it if it’s cheaper during the Prime Day event.

What Prime Day Dumbbell Deals To Expect

Amazon often slashes prices up to 50 percent or more on home fitness equipment as part of its Prime Day deals. You can expect to find discounts on individual dumbbell pairs as well as dumbbell sets. Accessories like a dumbbell stand, fitness mats, and even fitness clothing also will go on sale. Want a fitness watch like an Apple Watch or a Garmin? You could get those, too. In fact, you could get an entire home fitness setup at a fraction of the price.

Of course, the best prices will be on older models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some of the newest gear available. Amazon offers flash sales that steeply discount a product for a limited time. Don’t hesitate if the price is reasonable as you may not see this steep of a discount again. Follow our Prime Day Deals hub for these short-term sales and snag them before they are gone. You won’t regret it.

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