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Best Prime Day Bike Deals for 2021

If you’re shopping for a new bike and looking for the lowest prices, now is the time.  Prime Day might be over but these Prime Day bike deals may be the best bargains you’ll find this year on cycling gear. Since its origin in 2015, Prime Day has been different each year, but the delay from the usual summer event means you’ll see the greatest Prime Day Deals ever. What better way to head into fall than with a new bike and some sweet accessories? The deals are going fast so grab them before they are gone. Below are the best bike deals you can still grab after Prime Day.

Today’s best Prime Day deals

  • — $65, was $80
  • $105, was $116
  • $119, was $132
  • — $148, was $193
  • $149, was $157
  • — $308, was $328
  • $319, was $350
  •  — $400 with coupon, was $430
Expires soon

Schwinn Signature Largo 7 26-Inch Cruiser Bike

400 450
Made with a twist shifter system to switch between 7 speeds for uphill rides, this bike is great for everyday adventures—be it on the road or a mountain pass.
Expires soon

Nishiki Men's Pueblo 26-inch Mountain Bike

280 330
The Nishiki men's Pueblo 26-inch mountain bike has a heat-treated steel frame and 60mm fork travel, allowing it to handle the hills and trails with a Shimano drivetrain and aluminum wheels.
Expires soon

Ancheer 26-Inch Folding Electric Bike

830 3000
Whether its for a leisurely ride in the suburbs or a commute to the big city, this ANCHEER electric bike is adaptable to any purpose with its 3 working modes that can adjust to your prefered speed.
Expires soon

Kent Step Through Electric Bike

698 998
Pedal to your heart’s content while getting where you need to go in no time with the Kent 700C 8-Speed 36V Step Through Electric Bicycle. It's perfect for ages 14 and up.
Expires soon

GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

480 670
Navigate rocky terrain quickly with this GT bicycle. This offers optimal durability and handling so you can ride without worrying about toppling over.
Expires soon

Schwinn Men's GTX 3 Hybrid Bike

400 480
The Schwinn GTX 3 rides on 700C tires and comes in an aluminum frame, Suntour fork, and Shimano drive.
Expires soon

GT Men's Avalanche 29-inch Mountain Bike

750 1070
Take the 29-inch GT Avalanche mountain bike on different trails with its aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 27-speeds.
Expires soon

Schwinn Signature Boys' Thrasher 24-inch Mountain Bike

350 400
With its aluminum frame and 24-inch tires, the Schwinn Signature Boys' Thrasher mountain bike is ready for any kind of adventure.
Expires soon

Folding Electric Mountain Bike

884 2712
Fall in love with the outdoors again with this foldable, durable and fast electric mountain bike. Ride at speeds of up to 22-24 mph thanks to its 500W motor!
Expires soon

Cannondale Canvas Neo 2 Remixte Electric Bike - 2020

2720 3200
Do you want to get home fast while avoiding rush hour traffic? Ride this Cannondale bike which has a 250-watt motor and Class 1 pedal assist.
Expires soon

Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike

419 469
Save yourself from the tiring traffic jams by ordering this portable, foldable electric bike by Hiboy, capable of driving at 15.5 mph and last for up to 18.6 miles with its 7.5 AH battery.
Expires soon

Nishiki Men's Manitoba Hybrid Bike

400 570
Use the Nishiki Manitoba men's road bike for all types of riding. This bike has an aluminum frame, a Shimano drivetrain, and a smooth ride.
Expires soon

Nishiki Anasazi Hybrid Bike

430 600
You can depend on the Anasazi's stable 700C wheels whether you are biking in the street or in rough terrain— indeed, a versatile bicycle for any adventurous individual.
Expires soon

Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike, 36 Volt Battery, 20+ Mile Range, 700C Wheels, Black

648 798
If you are on the hunt for electric bike deals, check out Walmart’s discount on the 700C Hyper E-Ride for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

How To Choose A New Bike

Your highest chance of getting the bike you want at the best possible price is planning and research your requirements ahead of time. You can find new bicycles for sale in a bewildering array of types and at prices ranging from under $100 to far north of $10,000. The following are the major considerations to nail down in your search for the perfect bike for your needs.

Type of Bike

Think about the primary reasons you want and will use a bike. Even if you may think about a rare road trip or off-road excursion, if the majority of your riding will consist of casual trips and errands around town, there’s no need to spend big bucks. The factors that allow a bike to excel at one type of riding might work against the bike for other rides. For example, a sturdy mountain bike with full suspension could be too cumbersome for cruising around town or for commuting. There are bikes, therefore, that are best for mountain trails, for road racing, traveling paths and roadways, strictly for fitness riding, and for touring with heavy bags of sufficient strength and capacity to hold what you need for a two-week solo camping trip.

Cost And Performance

Bicycle cost and performance are often considered together because if you want the greatest performance, whether that means speed, trail-worthiness, or cargo capacity, you’ll pay more for it. Especially if you’re buying your first bike to use for a particular type of riding, don’t assume you’ll need the ultimate in performance and make the mistakes of either paying way too much for performance levels you won’t need or turning away because you assume you can’t afford to buy that kind of bike.


After you’ve determined the type of bike you want plus the performance level and cost that fit both your personal needs and your budget, then you’ll want to be sure you buy a bike that fits. Unlike pants that can be re-hemmed, bike frame and tire sizes are fixed. Size parameters vary depending on the type of bike, but check out manufacturer’s sites for the bike styles that interest you and looking for sizing guides to be sure you buy a bike that fits,

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