Best Prime Day Bike Deals 2020: What To Expect

If you’re shopping for a new bike and looking for the lowest prices, give some thought to hanging in until Prime Day 2020, rumored to be in early October this year. The Prime Day bike deals may be the best bargains you’ll find this year. Since its origin in 2015, Prime Day has been different each year, but the delay from the usual summer event time may mean you’ll see the greatest Prime Day Deals ever.

When Are The Best Prime Day Bike Deals?

Because Prime Day 2020 will be later in the calendar than previous years, it’s a bit harder to predict when the prices will hit their lowest. Based on Amazon’s past Prime Day pricing strategies, however, you can expect that most of the best Prime Day deals will occur during the event itself, whether it lasts one day, two days, or longer.

Be aware, however, that Amazon always teases to build excitement for Prime Day before the sale for at least a week ahead of the event with a scattering of select deals at amazing discounts. If the bike you want pops up on sale before Prime Day, don’t hesitate because it may not be available when Prime Day rolls around.

What Prime Day Bike Deals To Expect

Not every bike model of every brand Amazon sells will be available in great deals during Prime Day 2020, but many will. If you’re not set on a particular model but looking to save big bucks on a specific type and style of bike, you’ll be in the best position for a big score during Prime Day. Doing your research ahead of time for the features and the brands you want to follow will equip you to recognize and be ready to grab the bike deal that’s best for you when it appears.

In past sales, including Prime Days, most Amazon bike deals have ranged from 15% to 45% off the manufacturer’s list price. The discounts tend to be higher in the more popular bicycle categories such as cruisers and road bikes. We’ve seen leaner discounts on fat-tire bikes, touring bikes, racing bikes, and mountain bikes, but even in those categories, you may see deals at 25% to 35% off.

You may see discounts that exceed 50% on older model bikes, so watch for those bargains. Amazon also has used flash sales and lightning sales during past Prime Days. Those sales are time or quantity-limited and can have the cheapest-ever prices, but you can’t hesitate, or you might lose the opportunity if you see a fantastic deal on a bike that fits your requirements.

How To Choose A New Bike

Your highest chance of getting the bike you want at the best possible price is planning and research your requirements ahead of time. You can find new bicycles for sale in a bewildering array of types and at prices ranging from under $100 to far north of $10,000. The following are the major considerations to nail down in your search for the perfect bike for your needs.

Type of Bike

Think about the primary reasons you want and will use a bike. Even if you may think about a rare road trip or off-road excursion, if the majority of your riding will consist of casual trips and errands around town, there’s no need to spend big bucks. The factors that allow a bike to excel at one type of riding might work against the bike for other rides. For example, a sturdy mountain bike with full suspension could be too cumbersome for cruising around town or for commuting. There are bikes, therefore, that are best for mountain trails, for road racing, traveling paths and roadways, strictly for fitness riding, and for touring with heavy bags of sufficient strength and capacity to hold what you need for a two-week solo camping trip.

Cost And Performance

Bicycle cost and performance are often considered together because if you want the greatest performance, whether that means speed, trail-worthiness, or cargo capacity, you’ll pay more for it. Especially if you’re buying your first bike to use for a particular type of riding, don’t assume you’ll need the ultimate in performance and make the mistakes of either paying way too much for performance levels you won’t need or turning away because you assume you can’t afford to buy that kind of bike.


After you’ve determined the type of bike you want plus the performance level and cost that fit both your personal needs and your budget, then you’ll want to be sure you buy a bike that fits. Unlike pants that can be re-hemmed, bike frame and tire sizes are fixed. Size parameters vary depending on the type of bike, but check out manufacturer’s sites for the bike styles that interest you and looking for sizing guides to be sure you buy a bike that fits,

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