The 10 Best Outdoors Sunglasses of 2016

One constant for summer adventures is the need for a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re heading to the beach, out the trail, or just making an afternoon beer run on your bike, the right sunglasses can not only protect your eyes, but help set the tone of your entire day. From serious tech driven cycling specs to casual celebrity style, we’ve put new sunglasses this year to the test to find the absolute best for every outdoor adventure.

Editor’s Pick: Spy Rover $160

Spy Optic Rover
From lift served mountain biking, to spring ski days, to SUP workouts, these sunglasses do it all. The fit is just right to block out a breeze when you’re bombing singletrack as fast as you can pedal. The Happy Lens treatment not only cuts glare, but is scientifically proven to boost certain wavelengths of light that have been shown to improve your mood. If you’re looking for something a little more premium, Spy recently launched their new Happy Glass, which takes the Spy Happy and polarizing treatments and applies them to high quality glass lenses – lending even more clarity and durability. In short, these are best sunglasses of 2016.

On The Trail

Best In Class: Electric Stacker $180
Electric Stacker
Built to protect your face from all the dangers of the trail, Electric’s all new Stacker has a removable eye mask for when things get a little rowdy. Airflow is built in to the frame, ensuring you won’t fog up even on the steepest uphill trail sections. That they’re incredibly comfort just adds to their utility.

Uvex Variotronic ff $350
Uvex Variotronic
Battery powered sunglasses? You better believe it. These cycling glasses from Uvex feature electronically controlled lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Up at sunrise for a five hour epic ride? The Variotronic has you covered every mile.

Revo Remus $199
Revo Remus
The Remus’s frame is flattering on any face shape. Not that you need any help making a summit shot look good, but these sunglasses will definitely help. Rubber hits on the nose and temple keep them in place all day. The serilium lens is shatterproof and provide high contrast even in flat light conditions.

On The Water

Best In Class: Smith Optics Guide’s Choice, Howler Brothers Edition $229
Smith Optics Guide's Choice
An aggressive wrap design helps block the light out when you’re out on the water. The bronse mirrored lenses feature Smith’s award winning chromapop treatment, helping you to spot the best spots to cast your fly line. If you are in need of the absolute best sunglasses for any day fishing or paddling, look no further.

Costa South Sea $219
Costa South Sea
Costa has long been synonymous with high quality fishing optics. For days on open water, these are our choice. Costa’s light weight frames are corrosion resistant, and their lenses (both acetate and glass options for an upgrade) will easily cut the glare when you’re out for a day of deep sea fishing.

Julbo Coast $120
Julbo Coast
Julbo’s over sized lenses on the new Coast lend a panoramic field of view. This is helpful for both fly fishing and SUP yogis alike. Grip tech stem ends run nearly the entire length of the arms, ensuring you get a slip free fit, even when you take a dip off the back of your paddle board.


Best In Class: POC Require $230
POC Require
The Require’s classic silhouette is complemented by Carl Zeiss nylon lenses that deliver crystal clear vision. From beach days to mountain town pub crawls, these are the lightest weight sunglasses of the year. More than once, we’ve forgotten they were even on – they’re that comfortable. Lens tint is specifically tuned to provide contrast in urban settings, making these a perfect option for road tripping and your daily commute.

Sunskis Seacliff $55
Sunskis Seacliff
The Seacliff revives some of the styling of the Sunski Originals frame that they launched in 2012. Their smooth lines and excellent optics lend themselves to every day use, and look equally good when wearing a seersucker summer suit or board shorts. You’ll find ours most often catching the sun for some post ride beers after ripping a few lift served mountain bike runs at Snowbird Resort.

Vuarnet 03 $270
Vuarnet 03
We can’t all live like The Dude, but throw a pair of Vuarnet’s 03 sunglasses on, and you may feel a little extra Lebowski-like. This style originally launched in 1962, and was made famous by Jeff Bridges in the 1998 cult classic. Their aviator silhouette and chunky frames are perfect for summer adventures, but that’s just like, our opinion man.