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Get an Apple Watch Series 8 at its cheapest-ever price

An Apple Watch Series 8 with the screen turned on.

Prime Day is a good time to land a new smartwatch, and the folks at Amazon have chosen this Prime Day to discount the Apple Watch Series 8. This is good news for fitness and outdoors enthusiasts, as this is one of the newer models of the Apple Watch and new updates make the Apple Watch a hiking must-have. The Apple Watch Series 8 is going for just $280 for Prime Day, which is a $119 discount from its regular price of $280. This is worth pouncing on, as Apple products rarely see discounts this substantial.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the newest generations of Apple Watch, and with it Apple has taken everything people loved about previous versions and made it all even better. The Series 8 has a sleek, comfortable design that looks as good for a night out as it does for a run on the trail. It has advanced sensors that provide insights to help you better understand your health, and it’s able to track things like your temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rhythm, and sleep stages. The Apple Watch Series 8 makes a powerful fitness partner, and includes safety features like fall detection. The forthcoming WatchOS 10 will make the Apple Watch a true cycling smartwatch as well.

But the Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t just for fitness nuts. It’s a sleek piece of tech that integrates seamlessly with Apple’s software and device ecosystems. You can send a text from your Apple Watch Series 8, as well as send money with Apple Pay. You can unlock your Mac with the Series 8, as well as find all of your other Apple devices. You can even make a phone call if you’ve got your Series 8 paired with your iPhone. Adding an Apple Watch to your roster of devices also allows you to listen to music and podcasts, use Siri, and get notifications on the go.

Today you can grab the Apple Watch Series 8 for a Prime Day price of $280. This is a deal exclusive to Amazon Prime members, and it’s worth a savings of $119 from its regular price of $399. Amazon is also including free same-day delivery for many areas.

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