New Music Monday

Waxahatchee’s Fourth Album, ‘Out in the Storm,’ Finds Katie Crutchfield Reawakened

"It’s a very honest record about a time in which I was not honest with myself.”

The Sound Caddy Bluetooth Speaker Looks Just Like a Golf Club

Finding the perfect Bluetooth speaker to bring with you on the golf course is tough, but the Sound Caddy's golf club design makes it a perfect choice. Plus, it'll even charge your other devices while you play.
New Music Monday

Olivia Chaney & The Decemberists Celebrate Traditional British Folk Music As Offa Rex

Titled "The Queen of Hearts," the group's first album is a pitch-perfect tribute to '70s British folk rock.

The Porsche Design Group Made a Bluetooth Speaker — from the Exhaust of a 911 GT3

The speaker looks identical to the exhaust on the car itself -- except instead of a growling H-6 engine, you'll hear your music of choice.
New Music Monday

Bedouine Fills Her Self-Titled Debut With Laurel Canyon-esque Country-Folk

The songs on Bedouine rarely stray above quiet, but they don't need to.

The Stryde 360 is a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Perfect for Summer

The Stryde 360 includes all the features you would want from a tough, outdoor-ready speaker, just in time for the summer heat.

VIZIO SmartCast Crave Go Speaker: The Wireless Speaker with Sonic Power Aplenty

Crave Go maintains the type of sonic fidelity that audiophiles will appreciate
New Music Monday

Lorde’s New Album is a Sober Reflection on Fame and Success

Lorde follows up her debut full-length with 'Melodrama' (Universal Music), a danceable reflection on her newfound status as a "royal."

Enhance Your Vinyl Listening Experience with Mobile Fidelity Electronics’ Line of Turntables

If you're a vinyl collector, you need a great listening setup to get the full potential out of your collection.

Be Ahead of the Curve with the Graphene-Augmented Liberty+ Wireless Earphones

These earphones are already crushing their crowdfunding goals.
New Music Monday

Portugal. The Man’s Eighth Album “Woodstock” Adds More Pop Influence to the Mix

The new album arrives four years after the band's previous full-length, Evil Friends.

Fleet Foxes Take a Successful, Proggy Turn on Their Third Album, ‘Crack-Up’

Six years after their sophomore album and almost a decade on from their 2008 debut, Fleet Foxes have released their third full-length, Crack-Up.

Grado Labs’ gorgeous PS2000e headphones are hand-crafted for stellar sound

The PS2000e, Grado Labs' first new flagship headphones in a decade, feature hand-crafted components specifically designed for the best possible sound quality and a beautiful aesthetic to boot.

Breather’s Sounds of New York Will Transport You Back to the Big Apple

Whatever your preferred flavor of the Big Apple, the delicate layering of hustle and bustle in Breather’s Sounds of New York series is sure to quench the craving.

Music: Big Thief Digs Deeper into Darkness to Find a Brighter Light on ‘Capacity’

An intimate exploration of turning pain and trauma into joy and love.

Master & Dynamic and Bamford Watch Department team up for these cool-as-ice wireless cans

A limited special edition redesign of M&D's flagship MW60 headphones that will add some tasteful color to your wireless listening.

Concrete Audio Speakers Are As Pleasing to the Eye As They Are to the Ear

There's a reason beyond style that these speakers are made of concrete...

Soundcast’s VG7 is a Robust Bluetooth Speaker Perfect for a Backyard Barbecue

This tower of power is encircled with drivers and encased in robust armor to serve as a musical warrior in any setting.

New Music: Tanzania Albinism Collective

In African, those with Albinism are often killed for their body parts considered magical. The Tanzania Albinism Collective offers them refuge through song.

Polk’s latest soundbar does wireless surround at a serious bargain

Polk Audio's newest soundbar, the MagniFi Max SR, packs a host of features including Google Cast integration, wireless satellite speakers, and plenty more in a small, affordable package.
Food & Drink

Jose Cuervo and Fender Team Up to Create Special Edition Agave Guitar

Jose Cuervo and Fender have teamed up to create the best of both the music and booze worlds—an agave guitar!

Astell & Kern Shows Off Spanking New Luxury Audio Awesomeness in the SP1000 Hi-Res Player

Astell & Kern has unveiled the first player in the company's new A&ultima line of portable hi-res players, the SP1000.

Argentine Juana Molina’s Album ‘Halo’ Draws Universal Rhythms from Our Collective Unconscious

'Halo' is not a pop record, but it is the kind of album whose songs stick in your head.