Bose Sleepbuds are a New Trick to Getting a Great Night of Sleep

bose sleepbuds

With its durable, high-quality audio products, Bose has always been a dedicated to finding fresh ways for you to digest the world around you. Now, you can block out the world around you when it comes time to get your beauty sleep with noise-canceling Bose Sleepbuds.

The company’s commitment to innovation — combined with technology developed by Bose-owned, San Diego-based start-up Hush — lead to the creation of the Sleepbuds, which replaces loud snorers and lively streets with soothing sounds that help fall asleep (and stay) asleep.

bose sleepbuds

There are 10 different sounds installed on each pair of Sleepbuds to maximize masking efficiency and promote a relaxing, meditative atmosphere. The devices are small, comfortable, easy to store, and come fully equipped with a rechargeable silver-zinc battery that lasts about two nights with a full charge. Since the headphones are designed to cancel out noise, Bose’s app lets you set a personal alarm for the morning, too.

The Sleepbuds are a rather unconventional turn from what you may usually find when looking for headphones, but it follows suit with the direction Bose has been heading lately. This year the brand released a wearable speaker for those who don’t like the feeling of headphones jammed in your ear and the conversation-enhancing hearphones that amplify the sound of those talking around you while dulling background noise.

It’s worth noting that the Sleepbuds do not play music. If you’re looking for another alternative to listen to tunes, we’ve covered headphone options for the active or the stylish.

The Sleepbuds are currently sold out on Indiegogo, but stay tuned for an update on when they will be released to the public in 2018. They’re slated to retail at $249.