Sada Bike Folds Up to the Size of an Umbrella

sada bike folds up to the size of an umbrella cropped pic24

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.10.08 PMIf only bikes could fold up into a nice, compact size so that we could carry them around effortlessly. Oh wait, now they can. 

The folks over at Sada Bike came up with something that just might do the trick. First of all, it can be packed up in a backpack. This hubless bike features a frame that folds away for maximum portability. 

It also has no spokes. The design focuses on the bike’s space-saving advantages. Unlike most bikes, which usually get their strength from the tension in the spokes, the strength of the Sada Bicycle is put into the rim. Sadabike has spoke-less wheels. And the best part is that the wheels are normal size, no more tiny wheels that hinder speed and stability. 

Italian designer Gianluca Sada came up with this convenient bicycle that lets you ride around town without having to worry about parking your bike and having it get stolen. It’s so efficient that it folds up into the size of an umbrella. He has been working on this bike brilliance since 2008.

Now if only we had a Sada Bike that time we wanted to bike around the city and just put our bike in a backpack.
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