Protect Your Noggin With These Cool Bike Helmets

Bike Helmets
We know how dorky many of you think bike helmets look. They’re big and bulky, plus they mess up your hair. Who wants to put up with that? Apparently a lot of you, from what we’ve seen on the streets of New York. We bet you didn’t know that one study found that 85 percent of head injuries caused by a bike accident occurred when the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet. And if you did, and still refuse to wear a helmet — you’re an idiot! So unless you want to end up with a ghost bike memorial, we suggest that you put one on. We searched for the coolest bike helmets so that you can protect your noggin in style. Whether you’re going for a preppy look, a futuristic space look or a simple and sleek look, there’s something for you — and if you’re still worried that your hair will get messed up, just carry around a comb and a travel-sized bottle of hair gel. You can always freshen up your do once you get to wear you need to go.

L-R: Giro Surface Helmet, visit for more information; Bern Allston Helmet, $89.99 at; Yakkay Helmet, visit for more details; T1 Bike Helmet, visit for more information; Catlike Whisper Helmet, $224.95 at; Nutcase Helmet in Shark Skin, $60 at; Mission Bicycle Company Woodgrain Helmet, $69.99 at


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