The 12 Best College Football Uniforms

best college football uniforms
Nothing signals the onset of fall quite like the sight of the pigskin. Yes – We can all rejoice that college football is back. From now until January, our Saturdays will be filled with nothing but day drinking, stuffing our faces with delicious tailgate eats, trash-talking rivals, cursing referees (Because they’re hardly ever right!), and of course binging on college football from noon until the final whistle. Ah, this Saturday can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, lets talk about what really sets our favorite teams apart – the uniforms. We boast about our quarterbacks, debate about who has the best defense, and argue about which fan base is more intimidating, but let’s face it. We take a hell of a lot of pride in our school colors and team uniforms. When you reminisce on your college days, you might forget some memories (Thanks, beer), but you’ll never forget the pride you felt when donning your school colors each and every Saturday during football season. Let’s take a look at the top 12 best college football uniforms this season.

12. Colorado Buffaloes


Football is on the rise in Boulder, and Colorado’s colors of black and gold with a touch of silver makes this uniform combination one of the best in the Pac 12 this season.

11. Pittsburgh Panthers


Pittsburgh Panthers’ running back James Conner made his triumphant return from defeating cancer by collecting two touchdowns in this traditional gold and navy uniform against the Villanova Wildcats.

10. East Carolina Pirates

East Carolina

This season marks a transition from Nike to Adidas for the Pirates. This purple ensemble with a touch of gold rings true with the line from East Carolina’s fight song, “Loyal and bold, we’re the purple and gold.” There isn’t a fan base more proud to cheer for their purple and gold than Pirate Nation.

9. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio (1)

Over the past few years, Ohio State has flirted with flashier uniforms and even the color black last season. However, nothing trumps this traditional edition of the scarlet and gray. Just add a few Buckeye helmet stickers for the players’ contributions to the team, and you have one of the best uniforms in the nation.

8. North Carolina Tar Heels


The Tar Heels might be better known for their prowess on the hardwood, but these baby blue uniforms (otherwise known as Carolina blue) with argyle trim yield nearly the same results on the football field.

7. Texas Longhorns


When you think of colors that are synonymous with college football, burnt orange likely ranks high on your list. Texas is well-known for keeping it simple in these white uniforms with burnt orange numbers, lettering, and the iconic Longhorn logo that has stood the test of time since its debut in 1961.

6. Oregon Ducks


There is no one in this world more recognized for their uniforms than the Oregon Ducks. They’re loud, bright, and sometimes downright crazy, but it works because it’s Oregon. Ducks’ alum and Nike founder Phil Knight just might be the reason why these Ducks are spoiled with a new uniform combination each week. Take a look at this week’s wildly creative uniform combination here.

5. Florida State Seminoles


If you have ever been to Tallahassee or watched a ‘Noles game you’ve probably witnessed their signature war-chant. These maroon and gold uniforms are just as fierce. The tribal designs on the sleeves and the classic arrow logo on the helmet makes Florida State a team to be reckoned with on the field.

4. Southern California Trojans


From Marcus Allen to Matt Leinart, the cardinal and gold has complimented every Trojan legend that has passed through the program. USC football might be known for being too Hollywood in some circles, but then again – Who wouldn’t feel like a celebrity in these uniforms?

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish play like champions every week in these gold and navy uniforms. There is no helmet in college football that is more prestigious than Notre Dame’s. The reason why? Legend has it, the gold paint on the helmets contains real gold. Forget the end of the rainbow, there’s gold everywhere in South Bend, Indiana.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide


Former coach Paul “Bear” Bryant would be proud that the Tide haven’t changed a thing when it comes to what they’re wearing on Saturdays. They continue to dominate on the field with championship after championship, but after all these years they’ve stayed true to taking the old-school approach. We couldn’t imagine what Alabama would look like on the football field without the iconic numbers on the side of their helmets.

1. Michigan Wolverines


Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, Harbaugh’s up to something. Coach Jim Harbaugh is a big reason why everyone in college football fears the maize and blue again. These uniforms really have it all. They’re classic, timeless, and fierce. But, the one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the field is the Jordan logo. Michigan happens to be the only school in the nation to be sponsored by the Jordan brand. The players and Coach Harbaugh deserve all of the credit for Michigan’s ascent, but man, there’s just something about that classic M.J. pose…


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