Coffee Gone Mad: The Yama Siphon Vacuum Pot

Have you ever wanted invited your friends to a dinner party at your place and wanted to impress them after preparing a homemade meal? Some sort of  flambéed dessert like bananas foster or cherries jubilee would do the trick, but you’re not exactly skilled with a blowtorch. May we suggest the Yama Vacpot Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot? This contraption of a coffee maker will not only win you points with your friends, it will make you feel like some sort of culinary mad scientist.

Invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s, this type of coffee maker is still popular in several parts of the world, including Japan, where they have entire cafés dedicated to this style of brewing.

Brewing coffee in the Yama Vacpot is quite easy. First, pour boiling water into the bottom chamber. Then, fill the burner with alcohol and light it. The water will take about four to five minutes to get to the right temperature. Next, drop the reusable filter, which is covered with fabric similar to cheesecloth, with the chain pointing down, into the infusion chamber. Then seal the two chamber together. The boiling water will have nowhere to go up but up. Now, grab your coffee grounds, which should be at about the same consistency that you would use for a French press, and put them in the top chamber. Let it steep. As the coffee cools, it will go back down into the bottom chamber and voilà — there you have it — a fresh pot of coffee and something to talk about at the dinner table.

The Yama Vacpot Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot, $64 at

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