Sawdust Wood Co., board but not boring

board but not boring sawdust

We are constantly reminding our readers how much we love handmade, high quality gifts – and quirky gifts made from locally sourced materials only seal the deal for us here at The Manual.

Remember when you would sit in wood shop thinking about what you wanted to make? Or maybe you were knee deep in sawdust trying to figure out what you were making – well local Charleston cabinetmaker Jack Manchester has crafted an item that so many woods shop aficionados have yet to perfect – the cutting board.

Cutting boards don’t usually get much respect – or attention for that matter – but they should. We use them all the time and they protect our counters.

Manchester has created mind blowing pieces of art using locally sources woods from Charleston – such as walnut, oak, maple and cherry. These aren’t your usual run of the mill, ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’ styles either – they’re intricate and stunning on their own – reminiscent of complicated hardwood floor patterns. Think herringbone floors compressed into a daily kitchen item.

This local business venture started when Jack decided to craft a few holiday gifts inspired by his love of cooking and entertaining.

Thus, Sawdust Wood Co. was born – ‘check’ out their checkered cutting boards with contrasting wood accents to add some excitement to your kitchen – or better yet your next cheese platter.

For more information or to contact the Sawdust Wood Co. check out their official website here.