5 Useful BBQ Accessories to Help You Prepare for July 4th

bbq accessories
Grilling is one of the greatest, manliest pastimes one can engage in. If BBQ gear didn’t exist, men would cook meat by boldly holding it over open flames. Fortunately, there are such things as BBQ accessories, and each one plays a big part in making BBQs more successful. For your reading (and grilling) pleasure, we would like to present a few of our favorite BBQ accessories for this July 4th and beyond.

1. Kenyon’s City Grill


This isn’t so much a BBQ accessory as it is the BBQ itself. Kenyon’s City Grill was explicitly designed to accommodate urban grillers. Even if your outdoor space is limited to a small balcony, you can still host a Fourth of July BBQ thanks to this little number. And we mean little — it has a footprint of just 21 x 12. Kenyon’s City Grill heats up to 500 degrees, puts out almost no smoke, and can even operate indoors. Also, the non-stick grate is dishwasher safe, making cleanup and maintenance super simple.


2. YETI Hopper Cooler


If you’re not planning to host a July 4th BBQ this year, you’re probably going to someone else’s. When you do, you’ll need to bring something — preferably something drinkable and alcoholic. YETI makes outstanding coolers of all sizes, but we’re especially impressed with the small, super-carryable Hopper. The Hopper 20 can easily fit a 12-pack of canned beers or something of comparable size, and the shape and strap make the Hopper perfect for adventure. Of course, it is also supremely capable of keeping your items cool, thanks to the ColdCell Insulation and Hydrolok Zipper.


3. Charcoal Companion Double Hamburger Press

hamburger press

Making your own hamburgers is one of the many joys of a July 4th BBQ. Like many grillers, however, you’ve likely had issues with burger patties that are too big, too small, misshapen, or that fall apart on the grill. If this sounds familiar, you might be interested in this hamburger press. It’s a simple device that’s extremely easy to use — all you have to do is press it on some raw meat, and you have a tightly packed, perfectly sized hamburger in moments. This particular press has two sections that allow you to shape two hamburgers at once, because you have things to do.


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4. Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven Thermometer


A big part of grilling (and public safety) involves keeping track of meat temperature. Instead of having to stick a meat thermometer into the meat once every 15 minutes, it helps to leave the thermometer in so you can take a consistent measurement throughout the cooking process. There are a lot of thermometers out there, but we’re intrigued by this particular model from Oregon Scientific. This thermometer allows you to select the type of meat and your desired doneness. That’s not all — since it’s wireless, you can walk up to 330 feet away from the grill and receive an alert when your meat reaches the appropriate temperature.


5. Napoleon PRO Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack


At The Manual, we love a good rack of ribs — especially if it’s cooked just right. Thanks to the smart design, the PRO stainless steel rib/roast rack can help ensure that your ribs and roasts cook evenly. This is a must-have accessory if you’re cooking for a large group of folks; the Pro Rack makes it easy to cook up to 6 racks of ribs, or a whole roast, either of which can feed a bunch of hungry folks. As you might have read in a previous article about how to cook ribs, you’ll know the ribs are done after they start breaking apart when held with tongs.



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