What to Pack to Look Presentable When You De-Plane

Travel Grooming Products
No one looks all that attractive when they disembark after a long flight.

If you’re not being met by anyone special, then maybe you could care less about your arrival appearance. But then there are times when your welcoming committee includes a judge-y friend, family member, or lady friend. So if this is your situation, you’ll want to make an in-the-air effort to make yourself look as presentable as possible post-plane ride. Here are a handful of travel grooming products that should help make you look less crappy by the time you arrive at your destination.


Yes to Cucumbers Travel Size Facial Towelettes


If you’re taking a red-eye, there’s a good chance you didn’t feel like struggling to wash up in the microscopic plane bathroom. A quick once over with these refreshing cleansing cloths will make your grimy, gnarly face less so immediately. $2.99 for 10, target.com

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

kiehl Chances are the only excess baggage you’re dealing with on this trip is residing beneath your eyes. So quickly swipe this cooling stick all around eyes to deflate any plane-related puffiness. $20, kiehls.com

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand


Unless you’re very, very fancy, a shower isn’t something you’re ever going to avail yourself of in-air. But you can fake at least freshly washed hair with this dual-purpose dry shampoo and pomade that de-greases as it provides some hold. $19, birchbox.com

Marvis Travel Toothpaste

marvis Dental hygiene is a must for overnight and long haul flights because no one wants fuzzy teeth and your loved ones don’t want to get anywhere near your death breath. $6, birchbox.com

Air Repair Rescue Balm 


The air up in the air is dry as hell and wreaks havoc on skin. Drinking water can help with hydration you but you’ll need more than just liquids to prevent yourself from looking parched. Just slather this multitasking salve on chapped cheeks, cuticles and lips so flying doesn’t leave you flaky. $12, airrepairskincare.com

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