Why You Should Shave With a Safety Razor

Safety Razor

Back in the day, when it came to shaving, guys didn’t rely on multi-blade cartridges named after the speed of sound. The ritual was a bit more modest—one man, one blade. You either paid a barber to do the cutting, cultivated your own skill with a straight razor or got comfortable with its more user friendly offspring, the safety razor. This ethos of old-school simplicity is on full display with the release of the first ever Double-Edged Safety Razor Shave Set from Baxter of California.

The set comes with a brass stand coated in chrome, 100% pure badger hair brush and handle, both made of weighty brass and plated in polished nickel with engravings that wink and nod to those spinning stripes on classic barber shop poles. The set looks damn nice and makes a clear statement that you appreciate the old school, but appearance alone doesn’t make the Double-Edged Safety Razor Shave Set a worthy addition to your bathroom. The benefits of using a good quality badger brush and safety razor make good shaving sense too.

“Cartridges with more than one blade can take too much skin off the face,” Chris Ramos, barber at Baxter Finley, the Baxter of California barber shop in LA tells us, “The safety razor removes just the right amount.” Especially of note for guys who tend to get raw after shaving.

And who among us hasn’t been lazy with their cartridge blade, trying to squeeze in one more shave rather than spending $30 on a new pack, praying that the old blades won’t leave your face scorched afterwards? Safety blades are dirt cheap and easy to replace. And while the set might cost a little much (see below), compare that to how much you spend on cartridges over the span of your life and the math will always favor any sturdy, well made safety razor.

The badger brush as a side kick is good casting as well. Brushes exfoliate, cleaning away dead skin and grime that could otherwise lead to aggravated skin and prematurely dull blades, and they help drive the hydrating and calming agents in shave cream deeper into the skin, making them more effective. Badger hair is preferred for it’s unrivaled ability to absorb water and create a rich lather.

The set released on September 3 and is $250 at baxterofcalifornia.com, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop and select retailers.