An NFL Tested and Approved Hand Cream

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In a few short days, the September Equinox will be upon us. It will usher in a new season of longer nights, shorter days and eventually, the kind of wind chill factors that will drive a man to consider applying hand cream.

This isn’t our exhaustive guide to guy-appropriate hand creams.Instead, it’s a look at what might be considered the penultimate in this category—Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer, which is what can be found in the locker rooms in at least 10 NFL teams and starting this year, a few teams in the NBA. Both are sports in which hand care are a very important, if rarely talked about, part of training.

“Football players’ hands take a heavy beating during workouts and on the field, especially in rough weather. Cuticles and nails get damaged from all the grabbing and pushing. Players develop callouses, irritations, and chapping,” says Jack Black co-founder Jeff Dandurand. “Hands also have the fewest and smallest oil glands in the body, so they tend to get drier, faster than any other part of the body,” he adds.

Industrial Strength Hand Healer addresses all of these concerns in a natural formula that relies heavily on the powers of macadamia nut oil, glycerin, vitamins A and E, and eucalyptus oil which is a natural antiseptic and keeps bacteria at bay. The formula smells but for a brief second like menthol before it dissipate into nothing and the lotion absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.

The partnership began with the Dallas Cowboys about 3 years ago, and the quality of the Industrial Strength Hand Healer soon spread by word of mouth. Today it’s stocked in the locker rooms of the Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and Washington Redskins among others, with Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks the first in basketball to start treating their hands with Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer.

It might freezing outside yet, but those days are just around the corner. We’re thinking it’s a good idea to have the same stuff the pros are using ready to go.

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