Stay In Control With These Oil Free Moisturizers

stay in control with these oil free moisturizers feature

Do you have oily skin? If so, it may seem senseless to coat your face with a daily moisturizer. Even if you have oil control issues, proper hydration is an important part of keeping your skin healthy. There are a few things you should consider before skipping this important step. The trick to great looking, healthy skin is balancing the production of sebum. If you wash with a harsh, drying cleanser and skip the moisturizer your skin will start overproducing oil making the situation even worse. Sweat, heavy moisturizers or shave balm can also cause excess oil that can clog pores causing acne and inflammation. Try these specially formulated moisturizers to get the balance just right.

Kiehl’s Men’s Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer

You won’t even know your wearing this ultra-light moisturizer from Kiehl’s. It will absorb sweat and excess surface oil while hydrating and conditioning your derm. You’ll feel fresh and clean without the shine. Use it daily and eventually your pores will appear smaller too.


stay in control with these oil free moisturizers kiehls

Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

 Pay attention to the ingredients in the rest of your grooming products as well. If you’re using a shaving cream with a petroleum base or a heavy, shave butter you may be adding to your oil-control problem. Clinique For Men’s Oil Control Face Wash will manage excess surface oil without completely stripping the moisture from your skin. Their Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer will bring the right amount of hydration. This perfect pair works together to reduce shine.



Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer

 Moisturizer is important because it hydrates. But it also creates a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. Baxter of California harnesses plant-based ingredients like green tea to fight free radicals. Aloe Vera and chamomile are also part of this formulation that soothes and heals inflammation caused by acne, shaving or sunburn.



Anthony Oil Free Facial Lotion SPF 30

You should never go without the protection of sunscreen. Don’t worry this non-greasy, Paraben free formula won’t cause breakouts. Vitamins A and E will nourish while Aloe Vera and Wheat Protein will soothe and tighten your skin. Reduce wrinkles and pre-mature aging with this moisturizing sunscreen.



Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30

Dermalogica’s super sheer moisturizer absorbs oil all day resulting in a matte finish. It keeps sweat and shine away without leaving a powdery residue. Zinc, Gluconate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Biotin and Yeast Extract regulate oil production and soothe acne flare-ups. The added SPF 30 prevents photo aging and sun damage.



DTRT Dear Matt Lotion

Pores tend to look even bigger when they are clogged up with excess oil. Keep them clear and tighten them up with this matte lotion that’s perfect for oily skin. Made up of chamomile, lavender, rosemary, sage and peppermint you can expect less irritation, less inflammation and less acne.