Six Candles That Smell like Autumn at its Most Awesome

six candles that smell like autumn at its most awesome

Fall is glorious. Between the kaleidoscope of colors, readily available cider (both the hard kind and non-alcoholic hot beverage), crispness in the air, which allows us to bust out our favorite leather jackets, and then there’s the smell of the season. A magical mélange of scents that includes piles of gathered leaves, burning wood, and pumpkin spices (from pie, not those godforsaken basic beverages). It sure beats the summer smells (i.e. sweat, hot garbage, and other unmentionable unpleasantness) that assaulted our nostrils for the past few months. Whether you want to enhance nature’s olfactive bounty or like to infuse your home with a reminder of the best season, light a match and light these suckers up.

Baxter of California Wood Ash Candle

This blend of smoky woody notes smells kind of like the remnants of last night’s bonfire but way better.

Odin 03 Century Candle Votive

 There’s no way you’ll catch us burning a pumpkin spice candle but this one, which captures the essences of seasonal spices without being basic and one-ups it with something called “warm woods,” is pretty awesome.

Byredo Tree House 

Inspired by a fancy tree house by architect Takashi Koyayashi, there’s a veritable forest in here, plus as a nod to Japan, a hint of bamboo.

Oliver & Co. Tabacle Candle

 Say to you autumn means rolling your own cigarettes, picking ripe apples, and then maybe burning some patchouli incense, then this would be your season contained in wax.

Ursa Major Trailside Candle

Ah the smell of roughing it in nature. Now you don’t have to take a hike to get a whiff of the clean mountain air.

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace

 Probably the best thing about the mercury dropping is burning logs in the fireplace for warmth, but sadly we’re not all blessed with a hearth. If your home is without one, you can at least approximate the smell with this candle.

Joya Calico Seul Au Monde

If you’re wiling away the season on the Mediterranean coast, then maybe your fall smells of citrus, cedar and woodsmoke. Lucky bastard.