Our 6 Best serums for your face

Do you really need another step in your morning routine? Maybe so! Moisturizers do a great job soothing dry skin, locking in moisture and protecting your skin from the elements. But serums are super concentrated and can really soak in beyond that top layer of skin. In addition to doing some of the same jobs as your moisturizer, anti-aging serums also rejuvenate, rebalance, repair and nourish your skin. Stay young and handsome by applying a small amount after shaving or add a drop to your favorite sunscreen.

FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum from LAB SERIES Skincare for Men

The good skin experts at Lab Series want to save you from your future self with this concentrated wrinkle buster. Fight the aging process with this technologically advanced serum that repairs the damage you may already have while fending off future environmental damage. Get religious with this potion. If used daily you can expect to see a difference in just four short weeks.


Anthony High Performance Vitamin C Facial Serum

Vitamin C is good for more than just fighting off a cold. Fight off the old with this this Vitamin C filled serum from Anthony. Polypeptides and alpha hydroxy acids will protect you from damaging free radicals. They will also stimulate collagen production, which tends to naturally slow down as we age causing skin to lose its firmness and sag. Licorice Root Extract will even out your overall skin tone.


Brooklyn Grooming Pilgrim’s Facial Serum

This highly nutritive and reparative botanical serum calls on jojoba and argon to help restore and maintain balance of the skin on your face. The oils are light and absorb quickly, vanishing deep into the pores after only a couple minutes. Great for all skin types, this fragrance-free serum regulates the skin’s production of natural oil by mimicking the sebum itself. Keeping skin regularly moisturized and hydrated slows the skin’s natural aging process. It’s a great smelling potion scented with Australian blue cypress, roman chamomile and clary sage.


Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum

This multi-tasking serum is power packed with anti-aging ingredients. Vitamins A, C and E work to prevent cellular breakdown and stimulate collagen to firm skin. Plant-based amino acids lock in moisture and helps sooth shaving irritation. The rest smooth skin reduces wrinkles, moisturize and condition. There’s even a synthetic tri-peptide that mimics the effect of snake venom smoothing expression lines and reducing wrinkles. Hard core.


Gentleman’s Brand Co. Face Serum

This lightweight botanical serum will sink into your skin leaving it hydrated and protected. It’s 100 percent natural made with organic aloe vera, Shea butter, native Australian macadamia oil and Avocado making it perfect for sensitive, dry skin. Use it as a lighter alternative to a moisturizer or as a pre-moisturizer boost during the winter months.


Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

This lightweight formula targets those not so fine lines with hyaluronic acid. And while applying acid to your face may sound harsh, the exact opposite is true. This serum actually helps you retain moisture leading to super smooth skin. Slather it on! Acne-prone and dry derms alike can benefit from this Vitamin E infused concentrate.


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