Practice Safe Sunning This Summer

There haven’t been too many beach weather days yet. While not great for our summer vibes it has provided the time to up your sunscreen game. (Though really you should be wearing it year-round and not just while lying prone and half naked.) Anyway, first start by tossing whatever grotty SPF you were using last year. After an extended period of time, its level of protection degrades until it’s essentially useless.

So now that you’ve depleted your sunscreen supply, it’s time to restock. For days when you’ll be spending most of your daytime hours at your sunless desk, it’s okay to use a daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30. If you have a window office, then consider the fact that you’re basically sitting outside as UV rays can penetrate most glass (same goes for when you’re in a car or a plan) and protect yourself accordingly.

If you’re planning an outdoor day and exposing your limbs, then you’ll need to switch to a legit SPF of at least 30 that’s formulated for face and also hit up your body a similarly protective formula. When you’re picking a sunscreen for your face, look for an oil-free and non-comedogenic option so as not to look like a grease-bomb or acneic teen. If you have irritable skin, make sure you pick one formulated for sensitive skin or babies (they are ultra sensitive little creatures). They’re usually the ones with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide listed as an active ingredient rather than chemicals blockers. And in case you thought it was a “hit it and quit it” situation (we’re talking sunscreen, obviously), you’d be wrong. Not reapplying throughout the day is a recipe for a wicked burn. So stash a sunblock stick in your bag or pocket and reapply every two hours.

For days you’ll be whiling away your hours by a pool or beach, look for water-resistant options that won’t wash away the minute you get wet. But they will need to be reapplied once you emerge from the surf. Spray sunscreens are excellent for bringing along but keep in mind a quick hit is basically like putting nothing on. You’ll have to keep the nozzle on the same spot for a few seconds to get the level of protection listed on the bottle. Remember when lifeguards used to sport whited out noses? The unsightly straight up zinc oxide of yore now comes in clear forms but is still just as kickass at deflecting sun’s rays.

One last thing, don’t forget to hit up the parts of your body that usually go under-protected and overexposed like your lips, scalp, eye area, and ears. There are formulas specifically designed for the former three so there is no excuse. Be safe out there, summer lovers.

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