Our Top Tools For A Successful Shower Shave

our top tools for a successful shower shave shaving
Shaving in the shower saves time and avoids a sink full of stubble. But did you know it’s really good for your skin? A steamy shower opens up your pores allowing your pre-shave and post-shave products to sink in and do their job. And while your hair follicles are opening, the hot water softens your course beard hair, making them easier to cut. Remember, all the other rules of good shaving still apply. Be sure to have a fresh blade, soften with pre-shave oil if needed, exfoliate a few times a week and follow up with an aftershave balm, tonic or moisturizer. Try these shaving tools and get smooth in the shower.

 The Best Fog Free Mirror From Hammacher Schlemmer

A successful shower shave hinges on being able to see what your doing. When it comes to your shaving mirror you should have the best. This mirror won’t steam up or fog over. It suctions right the shower wall and has four bright LED bulbs that will light your way to smoothness.



The Executive Razor From Dollar Shave

Having a fresh blade is important for a comfortable shave but it will also keep your face free from infection. When you take down the daily stubble you’re exfoliating dead skin cells, dirt, grime and bacteria. That stuff can sit on the razor, grow and transfer back to your face causing infection. The best reminder to ditch the dull blade is signing up for an autoship program like Dollar Shave Club. The Executive Razor has an easy-to-grip, shower perfect handle, six blades and a lubricated strip to calm sensitive skin.



Remington Maximum Comfort Hyperflex Advanced Rotary Shaver

Electric shavers work in the shower too. This Remington shaver adjusts to the contours of your face with three pivoting heads that tilt to get every last hair. It has a Turbo Mode that increases to get through even the thickest of beards. Good for when your late to work or half asleep.



Gillette Body Razor

The shower is the best place to shave the rest of your body as well. Make sure you use a razor with a no-slip grip that’s easy to hold even when soapy. Gillette Body Razor is designed with a rounded head for those hard to reach areas below the neck. For an easier time, trim your body hair before shaving down to the skin.



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