Men’s Grooming Essentials to Keep You Fresh in the Summer Heat

Taking care of your skin in summer can be a bit of a challenge. Knowing how much moisturizer to use to keep it hydrated but not overly oily, what type of sunscreen is best for the face, and how to recover and cool your skin after becoming overheated in the summer sun are all valid questions that we’ve all had at one time or another.

The first and easiest tip to maintaining good skin throughout summer is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of high quality H20. Another task to master is keeping your whiskers trimmed, washed, and well-maintained, as well as keeping the skin underneath them moisturized and hydrated (but not overly so). There’s nothing worse than a dry, itchy beard when you’re just trying to enjoy yourself once the nice weather rolls into town (and conversely, there’s nothing worse than an oil-soaked mess).

Luckily, we’ve got a bundle of everything from beard washes and moisturizers to SPF lip balm and a healing mask in our top picks for men’s grooming essentials for summer. So try them out and keep your face feeling fresh and revived.

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel – $35
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Unlike your everyday creams, Clarins’ cooling gel won’t cause excess oil or beard sweat during summer’s heat and works great if your face feels weathered and you need a post-sun refresh. This cooling gel actually puts forth a protective shield from daily thermal shocks while also keeping your face hydrated through fits of heat waves and humidity. Aomehow, Clarins managed to keep that ideal matte finish we all seek.

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Port Products Marine Layer Eye Gel – $40
mens grooming essentials port products marine layer under eye recovery gel 3000x3000 590x

Close your eyes and picture baby angels blowing on your eyebags. That is what it feels like when you apply Port Products eye gel, with the sensation lasting even hours after application. The Marine Layer skincare technology utilizes potent botanical extracts such as red algae and kelp to fight off signs of aging. The recovery eye gel is super cooling, and is proven to reduce the harshness of dark circles under your eyes and deflate puffiness.

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SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense Sunscreen – $50
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It shouldn’t be, but finding a sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind oily, shiny skin is quite the challenge. SkinCeuticals UV defense sunscreen not only shields you from the sun with SPF 50, it also boasts an oil-absorbing base that leaves a lasting matte finish so you can play next on the beach volleyball court without looking like a sweaty mess.

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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 – $7.50
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Lip balm is one of those overlooked products for many of us men. But when dry, sunny weather comes to town and cracked lips test your patience, you’ll be happy to have ample protection for to keep your lips refreshed and moisturized. Jack Black’s lip balm features SPF 25 for shielding your lips from UV rays and a nourishing blend of lemon and shea butter that absorbs quickly for immediate hydration.

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Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes – $24
mens grooming essentials ursa major super natural essential face wipes 20 pack 1500x1500

Here is something you may have never thought about using, but could surely come in handy after a long walk in the sun to the bar patio: face wipes. Ursa Major offers one-time use face wipes that will not only allow you to cleanse sweat and grime on the go, they also exfoliate and hydrate your skin when home is out of reach. Because of their effectiveness, Ursa Major’s face wipes also make a great companion on summer hikes, camping trips, or wherever you may be sans shower.

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Cremo Cooling Shave Cream – $6
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An article on summer grooming essentials wouldn’t be complete without a cooling shave cream. Cremo offers an affordable cooling cream that can be a great shaving alternative for the summer months. Containing peppermint and menthol, Cremo’s shave cream cools and refreshes your face after a close shave while protecting your skin from razor burn and nicks.

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Kiehl’s Hydration Face Mask – $45
mens grooming essentials 3605971316760

Keeping your face hydrated is the best way to combat dry beard and itchiness. There’s no better way to do that than with a soothing face mask. Kiehl’s face mask is a lightweight gel that boasts hydrating ingredients like calendula extract and aloe to revitalize your face from the instant you put it on. The five minutes you spend applying Kiehl’s face mask is time well spent once you’ve experienced the results.

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Rugged and Dapper Daily Power Scrub – $25
mens grooming essentials daily power scrub facial cleanser 480x480

If you’re not one for face masks, then Rugged and Dapper’s exfoliating face wash is the next best thing. Their daily power scrub facial cleanser is powerful enough to strip dirt and grime from underneath the pores, yet light and gentle enough to leave your face feeling fresh and smooth everyday.

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Billy Jealousy Beard Wash – $20
mens grooming essentials billyjealousy beardwash 900x900

Now that we’ve got a face cleanser, it’s time to focus on taming your whiskers with a refined beard wash. Billy Jealousy offers a fortifying beard wash containing plant-based conditioners like soy protein, aloe, honey, and green tea extract, to keep your beard looking full, sharp, and soft, even in those sweaty summer months.

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Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Shower Cream – $10
mens grooming essentials altoderma

When choosing a body wash to add to your personal summer grooming essentials, you should have one goal in mind: protect against dry skin. Bioderma’s nourishing shower cream is designed to stave off cutaneous dryness for even the most sensitive skin types by forming a protective layer over your skin —  mimicking natural oils and fats — for enhanced protection against UV rays, wind, and other outdoor elements.

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Mr. Natty Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir – $16
mens grooming essentials mrnatty sunshinebeardelixir 900x900

This warm-weather inspired elixir from Mr. Natty is packed with a citrusy scent that will wake you up even better than the sun did this morning. Although this beard oil will keep your beard hydrated, soft, and smelling great, it’s important to remember to use sparingly in the hotter months. If you’re heading out on a hike or might engage in something that will induce beard sweat, the oil will most likely be sweat away along with all its added benefits.

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And for when it’s really hot out, check out our guide to preventing swamp-ass.


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