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How to Manscape: Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Body Hair

Summer is synonymous with swimming trunks, tank tops and less clothing, which also means you’ll be showing off your bod. One way to put your best pecs forward is with a thorough manscaping.

A full body cleanup can be tricky, so we spoke to Grooming Lounge founder Michael Gilman to get some tips on pruning back your body hair.

Start With a Shower

Just like shaping your hair or beard, every manscaping session should begin with a shower. Use an exfoliating bar of soap or body wash to scrub away any dead skin cells that could cling to hair follicles. “Exfoliating will keep ingrown hairs at bay while lifting the hair follicles,” Gilman says. It also softens your hair, making it easier to cut, which also means less nicks.

Use a Trimmer or Razor

After you’ve hopped out of the shower, you need to decide whether you want your body hair trimmed, or clean shaven. In both cases, you should start with a great electric trimmer, which reduces the risk of irritation, ingrown hair, and cuts compared to a razor. Look for a gadget can easily mow through the curves and crevices of your body.

If you want completely smooth skin, break out a razor with two blades to reduce irritation.  Also, please don’t use the same razor that you use for your face on your body, which can spread bacteria between the two areas that can lead to infections.

Before you begin your shave, apply a shave cream or shave oil. “Be sure to shave with the grain,” Gilman says. “Once finished, towel off and apply an aftershave … this helps to prevent ingrown hair and razor burn.”

Practice Caution With Your Family Jewels

When it comes to manscaping your groin area, make sure to proceed with caution. “This is a sensitive area — literally and figuratively!” Gilman says.

Under no circumstances do you want dry or just barely wet skin, so it’s probably best to shave your nether regions right after you hop out of the shower. After showering and applying a shaving cream, use small strokes with your razor to begin removing the hair, always washing the blade every two to three strokes.

“You will develop your own technique that works best for you,” Gilman says. “Once you get out of the shower, dry your skin and apply a soothing, milky aftershave.”

Leave Your Backside To the Professionals

If you’re looking to remove hair from the back of your neck, Gilman advises to seeking professional help, as using a razor or trimmer on an area that’s hard to see could lead to accidents.

“Find an aesthetician that does a lot of waxing work on men,” Gilman says. “Do your homework! You want lots of experience — a reputation for speed, accuracy, and technique. On the first couple of visits, a great aesthetician will ensure that you understand every step of the process.”

The Best Manscaping Products Available Now

Baxter of California Men’s Exfoliating Body Bar Soap

Notes of oak moss and cedarwood from Baxter of California’s premium soap add a dash of luxury to your pre-trimming routine. Manscaping is all about treating yourself, too.

Panasonic Men’s Cordless Electric Body Groomer for Men

This multifunctional groomer works on every part of your body, as its gentle wide edge blade can easily navigate the curves and crevices of your body without any nicks. Some more perks: it has a long battery life (eight hours on a full charge), and it’s also waterproof, which means you can use while showering.

Cremo Original Shave Cream

Since you’ll be using more cream for your body than a typical face shave, we recommend staying away from expensive shaving soaps and opt for this more affordable cream from Cremo. While it goes on thin, a little bit goes a long way, and it easily lubricates skin for a super close shave.

Gillette Sensor2 Plus

Gillette Sensor2 Plus

One way to avoid using the same razor for your face and body is by sticking to a disposable razor. This two-blade razor (remember, more blades mean more irritation) from Gillette gets the job done.

Dove Men+Care Face Care Post Shave Balm

Dove Men+Care Face Care Post Shave Balm

Unlike most drugstore aftershaves, this one from Dove Men+ is alcohol free for less irritation, which makes sense, this was formulated for guys with sensitive skin.

Article originally published June 2, 2017.

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