The Grooming Gift Guide

Sure following the selfless motto “Tis better to give, than receive” is in the spirit of the season. But this year, why not reward yourself for devoting all that time (and money) to fulfilling your friends’ and family’s gift list? These ten grooming gifts will make you look good. And you deserve it.

Ursa Major Willoughby Cologne

Let’s be honest, the fragrance your mother buys you probably isn’t anything you’ll ever wear except maybe in her presence when you’re trying to convince her that you love it. This natural offering is so fresh and so clean, even anti-cologne types will be converted. $40

Fellow Barber Classic Shave Gift Set

If you’re serious about shaving, then you should seriously snap up this sweet set. The pairing of Fellow Barber’s moisturizing shave cream and a fancy Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor is only topped by what it comes in—a dopp kit by everyone’s favorite canvas bag company. $150

 Boots No7 Men’s Grooming Gift Set

If you’ve spent all your loot on your loved ones but still want to treat yourself, this affordable shave set will do. Between the oil-free face wash, hydrating shave gel, soothing after-shave balm, and three-blade razor, you can face your holiday festivities with the stubble-free face a mother can love. $20

Tom Ford Private Blend Collection Set

Tom Ford makes some awesomely intoxicating fragrances. They’re pricey for sure but for good reason, they’re made with the good stuff and won’t pull a disappearing act. If you want to make out underneath the mistletoe, wearing any one of these scents will convince that special someone. $335

Art of Shaving Set

When you want to impress holiday guests with your gentile grooming ways, having an old school shave set in your bathroom is a one way to do it. Even if you couldn’t care less, the good-looking set will make you feel like the debonair gentleman you’re probably not. $285

Izola Soap Set Surf

Maybe you think soaps are the last thing you would buy yourself. But if you’re ever to make such a purchase, you should seriously consider this organic trio. Wrapped it just looks cool; unwrapped its blend of olive oil and oatmeal leaves skin soft and smooth. $19

Elton John AIDS Foundation Baxter of California Grooming Set With Wash Bag 

If you’re feeling guilty about the prospect of lavishing yourself with gifts this holiday, maybe knowing you’re contributing to a good cause will set your mind at ease. Beyond this set being perfect for holiday travel, every cent of the proceeds goes towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation. $100

Aesop Mr. Porter Athlete Grooming Kit

Chances are you’ll return from your overindulgent holiday packing a few extra pounds. If that prompts you to declare regular gym visits your New Year’s resolutions, then Aesop’s set of body wash, shampoo, and moisturizer, created specifically with your post-workout wash-up in mind, should be on your gift (yourself) list—and in your gym bag. $120

Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Care Kit

So your parents don’t approve of your ink. No matter. Snap up this tattoo care set from Billy Jealousy as the prize for being the number one family rebel. The combination of exfoliating wash, ink protecting lotion, and moisturizing salve will keep it bright and in focus, much to the chagrin of your parents. $40

Birchbox Sweat the Small Stuff Box

In case you need some additional motivation to get thee to a gym, Birchbox’s workout box is just the thing to support your new (and maybe short-lived) lifestyle. And in case you’ve grown weary of all the grooming talk, in addition to stink-repelling deodorant and body spray, this collection includes your new favorite gym socks, eco-friendly water bottle, ear buds, and an Under Armour satchel to carry everything. $54