Get Grooming With Savannah Based Prospector Co.

get grooming with savannah based prospector co vv

Prospector Co. launched in 2010 with a shaving line of just four basic products. Originally, its creation was intended to compliment the wares of a vintage clothing store in Savannah, Georgia. Now Prospector Co. is the main attraction with their full line of skincare, shaving and fragrance products. Staying true to their roots, they use men’s old pharmacy items as inspiration for the vintage apothecary packaging. Each product comes with a story or historical reference explaining why it came to be. They produce in small batches, using all natural ingredients with essential oils being the common thread. Argon Oil, in particular, is a hero ingredient delivering anti-aging, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Here’s a look at some of their favorites and best sellers.

Tester Vials Kit Starter


Prospector Co. believes in the shaving process as a whole. They offer a Tester Vials Kit Starter as way of sampling their popular shaving products in small doses. It includes a taste of K.C. Atwood Aftershave Splash, Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash, Burroughs Beard Oil and Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil. All served up in a metal tin with proper instructions included.

Burroughs Beard Oil


Burroughs Beard Oil is one of the original products that got this line rolling. This fan favorite has a masculine, woodsy scent that lathers nicely into your beard no matter what the length. It’s made with essential oils that moisturize and soften the hair while conditioning the skin underneath. It smells so good you can skip the cologne.

All-Purpose Dirt


Here’s a multitasking product you don’t see everyday. All-Purpose Dirt comes as a fine, oil absorbing powder. Use it as a dry shampoo, or add water and it forms a paste that becomes a pore-clearing detoxifying mask for your face. It’s formulated with Rhassoul and White Kaolin Clays that can improve your skins elasticity and French Yellow Clay that pulls out the impurities.

Pugilist Rag Soak


Think of this blend of Hemp Oil, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and essential oils as a modern day equivalent to the smelling salts of the past, minus the ammonia of course. When you need a little extra something to kick start your day put a small amount on warm washcloth and hold just under your nose and on either side of your temples. The oils will heat up, your pores will open and the aroma will get you going.