Harry’s Fall Shaving Incentive

A limited edition seasonal shave collection? Yeah, we rolled our eyes too, but when our peepers finally settled on the toasty fall-like colors in the new handles from Harry’s Shave, they also opened wide. There’s just something about the new handle’s deep red, chocolate brown, evening blue and walnut that gets us excited for fall, as if they’re the prismatic interpretation of brisk, flannel, sweater and peaty bourbon. And to be honest, now that lazy summer is over, theses hues are  doing some color-therapy magic to get us back in to the spirit of keeping the face clean for fall. Especially now that work is pretty much back in session and boss people are once again paying attention to small details.

Harry’s first ever seasonal collection launched this Tuesday and includes four new polymer coating colors in their staple zinc alloy handle. Designed in NYC, the Harry’s team were inspired by the colors in the New York’s upstate regions which is where the images above were shot. Suddenly, we feel the urge to drink a hot toddy around a campfire while shaving in the reflection of our pocket knife.

$20 for one handle, 3 cartridges and the shave cream at Harrys.com