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Beard Paw: The New Beard Care Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

Beards. Leonardo Da Vinci had one. So did Abraham Lincoln. Karl Marx and Ernest Hemingway had beards too. As did such fictional men/wizards as Gandalf and Dumbledore.

And likewise, so do many of you. But unlike our bearded forebears (fictional or not), we have specially made beard care products helping us with the maintenance and upkeep of our beards. This means regular washing, oiling, and trimming to keep our beards refined and well-styled. A bushy, ungroomed patch of fur on your face doesn’t exactly scream attractive or inspire much confidence. And it’s no better when covered in a just-completed meal, beer foam, smoke, or sweat and oil from a recent workout. In fact, a dirty, unkempt beard is a big red flag, warning others that you’re maybe just a little bit incompetent and also maybe a little bit uncouth. Don’t take our word for it though, just ask Roald Dahl.

But, short of washing your entire face–beard and all–there hasn’t really been an easy, quick, and thorough way to
cleanse just your facial hair.

Until now.

Behold, bearded brethren! The answer is here and it is known as Beard Paw.

beard paw, beard care product

Whether you are out at a restaurant chowing down on saucy ribs or pumping iron at the gym, Beard Paw, a cleansing beard wipe designed to clean your beard without water, will tackle any leftover bits of food or sauce stuck in your whiskers, along with any smells that came with it.
Made from 100 percent cotton pads that won’t leave sticky little white fibers in your beard, a few thorough swipes of the wipe and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on any task knowing your face won’t betray you with a rogue poppy seed or scandal-inducing sauce stain. Other ingredients include, “a mild soap for cleansing, Grapeseed and Aloe oils to condition the hair and skin, and finally a cool blast of Cedar and Eucalyptus,” that, according to Beard Paw, “leaves you feeling like your beard just took a dip in a mountain stream,” and our testers concur. Beard Paw can be used on any type of facial hair, from stubble to soul patch, it can take on any hair you haven’t taken off. And for all you clean-shaven guys out there, Beard Paw also works well as a quick and easy facial wipe, de-greasing your mug without drying it out.beard care product, beard paw

Each Beard Paw wipe comes in its own individual package, allowing you to toss a few in your briefcase or gym bag and go. A starter pack of 12 retails for $9, but with a membership you can get a 20-pack for only $11, which is a significant savings. If you wanted to pinch even more pennies, you could opt for the 64-pack option and pay only $20/month, but this option is probably more dependent on how messy of an eater you are or how often you smoke than anything else. No matter the mess (be it big or small), Beard Paw is here to save your whiskers from anything that might foul your facial hair

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