Aesop’s New Mouthcare Duo Keeps Your Teeth Healthy with Effective and Tasty Formulas

aesop oral care duo mouthwash toothpaste

The men’s grooming world is continuing to make waves bigger than Hawaii’s North Shore, and the new Aesop Mouthcare system has certainly hit the shoreline with a thundering impact.

There’s a whole world of products out there to keep the hair on your head on your head and the whiskers on your face pristine and healthy, but now the men’s grooming market is also taking aim at our pearly whites. Melbourne-based Aesop has taken a sincere interest in men’s grooming since its founding in 1987, boasting rustic design bundled with high-grade, effective products. The Aesop mouthcare duo follows their footsteps into the realm of teeth tailoring.

The Aesop mouthcare duo, consisting of a toothpaste and mouthwash, combines Anise essential oils for meticulous oral care and distinguished taste that makes brushing your teeth a pleasure rather than a chore.

Aesop Toothpaste – $15

Aesop’s latest oral care formula was designed so you can maintain impeccable oral hygiene — which, let’s be honest, is super easy to forget about. Their toothpaste starts off the process with a fluoride-free solution that effectively cleans teeth and gums, while essential oils of anise, spearmint, and clove provide a unique sensation and taste when compared to your everyday Colgate selections.

The Aesop Toothpaste also boasts the soothing effects of Sea Buckthorn, which lessens gum irritation from frequent brushing, as well as cardamom and Wasabia Japonica to help sustain a fresh and lasting breath.

Sure, we’re old enough to pay no mind to how our toothpaste tastes, but Aesop makes it much easier to get down to brushing with a flavor as eclectic and memorable as this one.

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Aesop Mouthwash – $25

Now on to the mouthwash, which — if used in tandem with the toothpaste — provides the full effect of the mouthcare duo. This alcohol-free solution is formulated to help maintain the freshness the toothpaste provides without damaging or disturbing your mouth’s natural state. Using the same essential oils combined with minty and spicy aromas, the mouthwash is a tantalizing breath freshener that tastes so good you’ll have to remind yourself not to drink it.

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Aesop recommends you use the duo twice every day, just like you would other oral care products. There are no tricks or trades, just simply, teeth-strengthening, bacteria-fighting oral health all wrapped in a package that you won’t mind having out on your bathroom counter.

You can buy each product separately, or simply purchase the Aesop Mouthcare duo here.

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