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Care/of Is Your Key to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Taking the guesswork out of the vitamin aisle.
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Olivers Debuts New Hathaway Duffel Bag

An essential for gym rats and a luxury for guys with active lifestyles.
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Adidas Z.N.E – This Season’s Most Innovative Sportswear Line

Dominate on the pitch like Gareth Bale in Adidas' New Collection.
Feel Good Friday

Charity Miles: Your Every Step Earns Money

To date, Charity Miles users have banked these charities over $2 million.
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Forget Debate Drinking Games – Get Your Political Sweat On

A whole body workout that will have you sweating out almost as many toxins as you take in by listening to the final 2016 Presidential debate.
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Fitness Blender Workouts are like Exercising with Your Friends

Fitness Blender workouts don't require much equipment or space, but they will leave you sweating!
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Step Up Your Cycling Skills With Assos’s CAMPionissimo

ASSOS has partnered with DuVine Cycling ± Adventure Co. for their inaugural CAMPionissimo Cycling Camp.

The Best Smart Health Tech of 2016

Are we a few steps closer to becoming cyborgs?
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Nautilus’ “Find What Fits” Event Tired Me Out

As it turns out, there are a bunch of muscles in the human legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, and arms that I didn't know existed

America’s Newest Sport Craze Involves Small Balls and a Trampoline Net

The game is a resurrection of a 1980s Toys R’ Us kit.

10 Fitness Tips from Body Battle Fitness’s Lee Jimenez

Beware, the holidays are coming; aka ‘Spirits Season’

Craft Embraces the Strength (and Style) of Bamboo Bicycles

Bamboo is stronger than steel yet as light as aluminum.
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Smith Optics Launches Limited Edition Olympic Gear

Smith Optics launched a limited edition Olympic Collection for Rio. We've got the lowdown on this beautiful, podium worthy gear.
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Assess your Health with the Body Cardio Scale

This scale will tell you more about your health than just your weight.
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Woolrich teams up with Deus CycleWorks for a unique E-Bike

Known typically for its wool blankets, Woolrich has teamed up with Deus CycleWorks to release a unique and exclusive bicycle collaboration.

How tough is the Tough Mudder? We ran one to find out

To get a true taste of just how difficult a Tough Mudder event is, The Manual traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio with Old Spice run this extreme obstacle race.
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The best core exercises for men

We teamed up with Kisar Dhillon from The Art of Personal Training to bring you the best core exercises for men. Get squatting!
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Golf Like a Champ: LA’s Best Public Courses

If you love golf, LA is not a bad place to live. Its sunny, predictable weather provides essentially 365 opportunities to play the game. The city helps by offering some incredible courses at ridiculously reasonable fees. These are just a…
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The Best Leg Exercises For Men

The Manual has teamed up with Kisar Dhillon, a personal trainer based in Portland, Oregon, and his team at The Art Of Personal Training to bring you the first in a series of videos to help you ease into a strength training routine. You…
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Eat Your Veggies: Delicious And Healthy Dip Recipes From Chef Dave Becker

In the dead of winter, there are few things better than noshing on rich, flavorful foods with friends and family. With recipes ranging from from creamy kale and sausage soup and maple-roasted butternut squash to slow-cooked pot roast, it…
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How to (Almost) Painlessly Improve Your Running

If you want to improve your running, increasing your speed and endurance and reducing the chance of injury, then you need to take these simple tips to heart. Or you could go get yourself a running coach, I guess. I hear they know all about…