These “Booze on the Move” Products Will Help You Outpace Sobriety

Though any time of year is ideal for getting one’s drink on, it’s the most satisfying during the summer. And since summer usually involves a great deal of adventure, one should make drinking as mobile as possible. To help you stave off sobriety on the trail, at backyard barbeques, and anywhere else on this blue marble, we’ve come up with this list of excellent “booze on the move” items. All we ask is that you enjoy these products (and the booze therein) responsibly.

1. Three Sheets to the Wind Flask3 sheets to the wind burned

A flask is great companion for every man. If you don’t already have a flask, allow us to recommend this handsome little number from Izola. We love the circular shape, the way it fits in your hand, and the phrase “three sheets to the wind,” etched into the side. “Three sheets to the wind,” for those who don’t know, refers to the unsecured sails of a sailing vessel, and is also a pretty classy term for “drunk.” If you want a different phrase or design, feel free to check out Izola’s other flasks on their website.

$27 for a 5 oz. flask

2. Collapsible Beer Glassesbeer glass

Normal glasses are a pain to cart around. They’re heavy, they’re bulky, and they can break easily. Thankfully, these beer glasses can collapse into easy-to-tote pucks. When in their full glory, these glasses can hold up to 13.5 oz of beer — or any other liquid, we suppose. But you should probably drink beer out of it, just to be safe. That’s what it’s designed for, after all.

$14 for 2 glasses

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3. Six Pack Totesixpack tote burned

We expect you’ll be going to a bunch of barbeques this summer. When you do, you’ll probably need to bring something to drink. It’s the least you can do. If you decide to bring a six pack of beer, consider doing so in this handy tote from Built NY. Not only it is easy to carry, but it can keep your beer cool for up to four hours. Built NY also makes a tote specially designed for 64 oz. growlers.


4. One Bottle Wine Tote With Corkscrewwine tote burned

If you’re more of a wine fella, you’ll love this number, also from Built NY. A bottle of wine isn’t much good without a wine opener, of course, but fear not — this baby also comes with a neat little pocket in which to store a wine opener (included). The durable, machine-washable insulating material can keep your white wine chilly and your other bottles safe from breakage.


5. The Original Shot FlaskSHotFlask_Hero_Open_large burned

A flask is a trusty companion. If you already have a classic flask, allow us to recommend this 8 oz. flask, which comes with a 2 oz. collapsible shot glass that fits snugly in the side. This flask is pretty handy if you find yourself in a situation where you have to share your spirits, or perhaps measure a precise amount for a cocktail. It’s also just a cool thing to show folks at a party, and can maybe help break the ice.


6. Handpresso Pump Setespresso burned

Alcohol isn’t your only vice, we’re sure. If you’re also a frequent coffee drinker, we think you’ll be all over this mobile espresso set. The set includes a handheld espresso machine, an insulated flask, and 4 small unbreakable cups, all neatly packaged in a handy carrying case. It’ll keep you wired even when you go off the grid.

€179 + €30 S+H for orders to USA (about $233 total)  

7. Kreweser Motorized Coolerkreweser

The Kreweser Motorizer Cooler is a hybrid, but not the kind of hybrid you think — it’s an electric vehicle/cooler hybrid. This baby has a top speed of 18 mph, and a range of up to 17 miles. We definitely do not recommend drinking and driving, but the Kreweser really makes it difficult to NOT drink and drive. Still, we urge you to drink carefully drive carefully — just not at the same time.

$1,200, available for pre-order

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